May (Web-only) 2011

Codes and Keys
The Water and The Blood
Guarding Your Marriage without Dissing Women
Women aren't disappearing from the workplace or ministry staff teams. How will married men adjust?
The Tree of Life
Malick's magnum opus about the beginning and end of the universe, and a Texas childhood in between.
The Top 10 Posts of 2011 - So Far
What got our readers talking this year.
What to Do with Aunt Julie
Harold Camping and our problem relatives.
Kung Fu Panda 2
Po and the Furious Five return for more martial arts mayhem.
Sex and Salvation according to Picasso
Seeing the huge Picasso exhibit now touring the world reminded me of why Christians should make time for the fine arts.
A Christian Response to Overpopulation
We can continue to affirm life while acknowledging that unrestricted population growth can put women and children at risk.
A Sensory Revelation
Terrence Malick wants his films to capture the magic, wonder, and mystery of the universe.
Born This Way
Sleep with One Eye Open
Sons & Daughters
Spread the Word
Strange Negotiations
Religious mystique endures
Bob Dylan "still points us toward that vague Other," says author.
Dylan at the Foot of the Cross
Dylan at the Foot of the Cross
Longtime disciple? Converted soldier? Secular prophet? The questions linger as the troubadour turns 70.
Schwarzenegger, Strauss-Kahn, and Power
Why power is so often spiritual poison.
A Sketchy Ad from Skechers Shape-Ups
Do 7-year-olds really need butt-boosting training shoes?
Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides
Oy, matey. The fourth installment is easier to follow, but it's not clear you'll want to.
Why Divorce Devastates Children
Divorce pulls the rug out from under a child's sense of self, contends Andrew Root in 'The Children of Divorce.'
One True God
Music for the Radio
One Girl
Water Colors
The Love Album
Lady Gaga: Where's the Outrage?
What happens when a pop culture phenomenon becomes a 'religious experience.'
Superhero priests versus vampires? How bad could it be? Quite.
Gender Differences: All in the Brain
Recent findings from neuroscience highlight why the church needs diversity in order to thrive.
Everything Must Go
Will Ferrell is locked out of the house with all his stuff, but isn't his typical goofy comedy.
The First Grader
Based on a true story, an 84-year-old Kenyan man seeks an elementary education.
Food Cleanses and the Integrated Self
How nourishment illuminates the relationship between the body and other aspects of our humanity.
The Road to Gay Ordination in the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.)
The denominational battle has been going on for decades. The historical record is much older.
When Christian Teens Doubt
Sara Zarr's 'Once Was Lost' beautifully captures the moment when an evangelical girl encounters the real world.
Beyond SlutWalk: A New Conversation about Sexual Assault
Why Justin and Lindsey Holcombs' new Crossway book, Rid of My Disgrace, is the perfect conversation starter.
Inside These Walls
The Ones Who Wait
Brokenness Aside
Anthem Lights
The After Party
Listen to the Sound
A History of Christian Rock
Well, sort of. More accurately, the musings of one music fan who was weaned on the stuff.
The Happy Death of Soap Operas
Social media and real-life drama have replaced soaps as the daytime audience's entertainment of choice.
The comic book god of thunder hits the big screen with humor and heart.
Jumping the Broom
Formulaic wedding comedy with a lot of humor, heart, and, above all, forgiveness.
There Be Dragons
A biopic about the founder of Opus Dei falls flat and doesn't ring very true.
The Beaver
Mel Gibson's convincing performance as a depressed man doesn't make up for the film's lack of depth.
For Those Grieving on Mother's Day
How Christ meets women during a holiday that's often marked by unmet desires.
Rob Bell Is Not a Litmus Test
What one thinks about 'Love Wins' is no test of faith.
Economic Bell Tolls for Nation's Church Steeples
Steeples may have outlived their times as signposts. People hunting for a church don't scan the horizon; they search the Internet.
Shaking One's Fist at God
Actor Mark Ruffalo has endured plenty of hardships, and his new film tries to work them out—emotionally and spiritually.
Engaging the Islamic World After Osama
Living the message of reconciliation in Pakistan, Afghanistan, and everywhere.
As for Me and My House
Weights & Measures
Helplessness Blues
The Doxology
Take the High Road
'As Often as I Need to Breathe'
Ginny Owens takes prayer seriously, and will help lead Thursday's National Day of Prayer.
Confessions of a Breadwinner Wife
Confessions of a Breadwinner Wife
Most American women still want to 'marry up' on the socioeconomic scale. How I hit the jackpot on a totally different scale.
'Do Not Gloat' over Osama bin Laden's Death
Remember how Americans felt after watching the jubilation after September 11?
The Death of Osama bin Laden: What Kind of Justice Has Been Done?
The news should again remind us of the difference between the City of Man and the City of God.
Yes, Justice Has Been Done in the Killing of Osama bin Laden
But our response as Christians must be marked by knowledge of our own depravity.
'Do Not Gloat' vs. 'Joy to the Righteous'
The verses most quoted on Twitter and Facebook after the news of the death of Osama bin Laden.

Top Story May 19, 2024

The Miracle of the Ear
The Miracle of the Ear
Speech was not God’s only miracle at Pentecost. The Spirit also gave the gift of understanding, overcoming division and contempt.

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