Style:'70s-style Jesus rock; compare to Phil Keaggy, Paul Clark, John Fischer

Top tracks: "Old & Faded," "The Way to Live," "I Love My Wife"

You sure wouldn't pick up this record for its cover art. Ugh. But if you like Jesus music of the 1970s—Larry Norman, Randy Stonehill, Phil Keaggy, John Fischer, Paul Clark—you'll like this debut project from Cleveland couple James and Rebecca Mileti. Aside from the cover art and a few vocal pitch issues, it's a fine album with pointed lyrics addressing romantic love, social justice, pride, emotional abuse, spiritual transformation, and even an altar call: "You don't need to be scared of him, or think you're not good enough / Whores, lepers, and tax collectors made the cut / So you'll be alright / What will you do? / He desperately wants to be with you."

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Release Date
November 19, 2010
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