Style: CCM radio pop, compare to Natalie Grant, 33Miles, Francesca Battistelli

Top tracks: "Breathe," "Asanita," "Better"

A Sudanese woman gave one of her only chickens to Dave and Jess Ray and inspired an EP. "I cannot forget, I cannot repay, I can't run away," Jess sings on the touching tribute "Asanita," a Caedmon's Call-like biopic. All proceeds will buy handheld radios for Sudanese villagers to hear the gospel. Unfortunately, the album lacks any African musical influences. Instead, the couple trades strong vocals on slick pop anthems and power ballads; sweeping strings are too prevalent. But lyrics are skillful, especially when tackling gratitude ("Better") and caring for widows and orphans ("Into the Night"). Music for the Radio is tailored for the airwaves where it should blend in a little too well.

Music for the Radio
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3 Stars - Good
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Release Date
May 15, 2011
Dave and Jess Ray
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