Style: Big-voiced R&B; compare to Beyoncé, Stacie Orrico, Mary Mary

Top tracks: "The After Party," "Ruin Me," "Sunshine"

Eighteen-year-old Cortni grew up singing with her parents' southern gospel group, The Bilderbacks, but always wanted be another big-voiced artist like Beyoncé. On her debut, she's clearly got the pipes, reminiscent not only of Beyoncé, but of former CCM star Stacie Orrico, another white chick who had a knack for soulful R&B. Still, a little restraint—in production and in the vocals—might have been in order here. But with a heart for ministry, especially youth groups, and songs about focusing on the things above instead of those of the world, combined with her budding talent, she should certainly find an audience.

The After Party
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3 Stars - Good
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Release Date
May 10, 2011
C2 Records
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