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January 2010
Volume 54, Number 1
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Cover Story

The Myth of the Perfect Parent
Why the best parenting techniques don't produce Christian children.


More Partners at the Table
Valdir Steuernagel says we need to learn how to serve in a fellowship of rich and poor, Africans and Asians, subsistence farmers and tech professionals.
Spiritual Lives All Their Own
What if children have their own experiences of God—and a genuine free will to respond?
Carl Henry Was Right
Christianity Today's first editor grasped what I as a young theologian failed to understand about church involvement in social justice.
Curing Christians' Stats Abuse
The statistics we most love to repeat may be leading us to make bad choices about the church.
The Dusty Messiah
Why I no longer believe in a spiritual Jesus.
The Missionary Who Wouldn't Retire
Lesslie Newbigin, born 100 years ago today, launched a new career at age 66 by calling Western churches to act like they were in the mission field.
Jesus and the Unclean Woman
How a story in Mark's gospel sheds light on the problem of obstetric fistula.
Hope for the 'Most Voiceless' on the Planet
A human rights lawyer, a Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist, and two world-class surgeons are rallying evangelicals to defeat fistula.


Readers Write
Your responses to the November 2009 issue of Christianity Today.
Welcome the Exceptional
Churches that embrace people with disabilities do more than they imagine.
Premarital Abstinence
What's the best way to encourage people to save sex for the covenant of marriage?
Segregated in a Whole New Way
A church family from the same generation isn't much of a family.
How the Early Church Read the Bible
The church fathers show us how to read Scripture imaginatively.


To Save a Life
Though it's the best-produced church-made film yet, this teen flick tries to tackle too many topics at once, muddling the story—and the transformative power of the gospel.
Introverts for Jesus, Unite!
How to get along with the extroverts who populate the Western church.
My Top 5 Books for Shaping Parents
Selling Jesus to Optimistic America
How the positive thinking movement has shaped the church.
Wilson's Bookmarks
The Return of Religion, The Death of Ivan Ilyich, and No Small Matter.
Dug Down Deep
Unearthing What I Believe and Why It Matters
Breadwinners and Benefactors
Lynn Cohick argues that early Christian women were more active in public life than we might think.


Top 10 News Stories of 2009
The events, people, and debates of the past year that have shaped, or will significantly shape, evangelical life, thought, or mission. Also: Top 10 news stories of the decade.
Go Figure
Recent statistics on converts' zeal, faith-based funding, preaching social issues, and other topics.
Quotation Marks
Recent remarks on the Manhattan Declaration, Christians in Turkey, and invoking Jesus.
Orphans on Deck
Adoption steps to the front lines of the culture wars.
President of Feed the Children fired, James Dobson leaves Focus on the Family, and other transitions in the Christian world.
Stunned by Stupak
A surprise House ban on abortion funding reveals pro-life gains.
Audio Bibles Propel Scripture into Remote Regions
Technological advances are delivering Scripture across the globe.
Religious Self-Profiling
Identifying one's faith on online social networks proves challenging for some.
Land and Building Wars
A handful of parishes win the right to keep their property, but legal experts don't know if their cases are setting a precedent.

More from this Issue

Taking the Long View
Parenting, our newest columnist, and the legacy of Carl Henry.
Faith Equals Action
To White House Fellow Adam Taylor, the math is simple.