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March 2007 2007
Volume 51, Number 3
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Cover Story

Free at Last
How Christians worldwide are sabotaging the modern slave trade.
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Inside CT: Abolition Today
What sweetens your tea? Ordinary Brits cared enough to boycott.
Post-Episcopal Divisions
Conservatives fleeing the Episcopal Church regroup--apart.
Habitat Sharks
Unscrupulous lenders target Habitat for Humanity homeowners.
Fluid Solution on Stem Cells
Research advance could shift stem-cell debate.
Passages: Fox-Genovese, Santorum, and Other News
Remembering Fox-Genovese; NAE's new executive director; Rick Santorum's new job; and other news.
Romania: Majority Spoils
New law sidelines minority faiths in Romania.
Quotation Marks
Comments on Episcopal zeal, giving God his due, coaching football, and the culture war.
Receipt at the Ready
New IRS guidelines clamp down on anonymous cash giving.
Eritrea Redirects Tithes
Eritrean officials seize church finances, jail Samaritan's Purse drivers.
Go Figure
Recent stats on Iraqi refugees, embezzlement, and Congress's religion.
Challenge to Local Church's Theology
Evangelical leaders prod Local Church on founder's teachings.
March News Briefs
Sanctions against Belarus; raising awareness of Palestinian Christians; and attacks in India.
Q&A: Hugh Hewitt
Conservative blogger, political analyst, and radio talk show host Hugh Hewitt on Romney's bid for the White House.
Tidings: Why Isn't 'Yes' Enough?
The fuss over swearing-in ceremonies reveals a deeper problem.
What Would Wilberforce Do?
The 19th-century abolitionists have much to teach us about politics today.
Editorial: Slippery Slope
Why we struggle to gain our moral footing in bioethics.
Amazing Abolitionist
Amazing Grace shows Wilberforce in action.
Interview: The Devil's Yoke
A young woman describes her former life as a slave of rebel soldiers.
CVP: On a Justice Mission
Thanks to William Wilberforce, we already know the key to defeating slavery.
'I Heard God's Voice'
I had no idea what God would do when I asked him to use me.
'Grandpa' John Perkins
A new generation of urban activists is shaped by John Perkins.
Calvary Chapel's Achilles Heel
Chuck Smith and Calvary Chapel face an uncertain future.
When Business Execs Lead Nonprofits
What business execs are learning as they lead Christian nonprofits.
Faith in the For-Profits
More than ever, Christians are bringing faith to bear in the for-profit world.
Interview: <i>Terabithia</i> Author Katherine Paterson
Bridge to Terabithia author Katherine Paterson says a story reveals a writer's faith, whether she likes it or not.
Reflections: Suffering God
Quotations to stir heart and mind.
Salvation by What?
What Jesus says doesn’t match what we usually say.
Living with the Darwin Fish
Why the discovery of yet another 'missing link' doesn't destroy my faith.
Tennant: 'Ordinary' Delights
Let us praise the consoling banality of good.
Lauren Winner reviews Dawn Eden
A lifelong spiritual discipline for singles and marrieds.
Bookmark: <i>Reaching the Left from the Right</i>
Reaching the Left from the Right tells conservative evangelicals how to build bridges.
Bookmark: <i>Picturing Christian Witness</i>
Art and ministry in Picturing Christian Witness.
Ruth Graham's 'Legacy of Faith'
Billy Graham's third daughter, Ruth, describes her relationship with her famous father.
Bookmark: 'The New Friars'
A mission renaissance in 'The New Friars'
Atheist Apostle
Sam Harris has little patience for theists of any sort.
Bookmark: Living the Sermon on the Mount
Ethics for Christians in Living the Sermon on the Mount.
Bookmark: <i>Faithful Feelings</i>
Faithful Feelings takes another look at emotions.
Bookmark: Preaching the Old Testament
Preaching the Old Testament provides essays by evangelical scholars.
Big Picture Evangelicalism
A bird's-eye view of contemporary evangelicalism.