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Why God Delights in the Metric System
Fairness and justice were difficult before we looked to creation for our measurements.
Post-Election Fight over the 'Evangelical' Brand
Jim Daly, other leaders want 'evangelical' to be less about politics.
In Defeats, Evangelicals' Political Unity at All-Time High
In three decades, born-again voters have gone from an even split to 4-to-1 Republican.
The Year Of The Personal Endorsement
Why evangelical leaders who've been coy in the past are now making their picks explicit.
Your Guide to Christian Voting Guides
Which flyer should you take with you into the voting booth?
What is Romney's Legislative Agenda on Abortion?
Abortion remains a hot-button issue in the presidential campaign.
Evangelical Support for Romney Tops Out
Winning mainline Protestants and Catholics now key for both presidential campaigns.
The Story Behind One of the Most Ironic Religious Freedom Lawsuits Ever Filed
The religious discrimination complaint against the U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom moves closer to trial.
Evangelicals Vote Republican—Mormon or No Mormon
Some pundits said evangelicals would never support a Mormon. They were wrong.
Romney vs. Romney on the Safety Net
Romney's remarks at a fundraiser don't square with what he told faith leaders last week.
'God' on the Campaign Trail
Romney campaigns on keeping 'God' on our coins (and in his heart) after Democratic Party debate.
What Does Catholic Social Teaching Have to Do with the Presidential Race?
While Paul Ryan probably won't impact the outcome of the election, Mitt Romney's vice presidential pick will likely renew debate over the morality of the budget.
The Politics of Science
Recent studies on gay parenting and the abortion-suicide link showcase key tensions in our public life.
Poll of Americans: Better a Mormon than a Muslim in White House
Voters are more comfortable with President Obama's religion—as long as he is not a Muslim.
Youcef Nadarkhani: 1,000 Days (and Counting) in Iranian Prison
State Department renews call for release of pastor sentenced to death.
Supreme Court Decides on More than Health Care
The court finished the session with decisions on immigration, juvenile justice, and the First Amendment, too.
Most Evangelicals Likely to Lament Supreme Court Healthcare Ruling
Poll finds most wanted justices to overturn healthcare law.
Pro-Life Democrats Dwindle in Congress
Redistricting and retirements may halve the small group—again.
Obama Administration Halts Prosecution of Some Young Immigrants
Homeland Security will now exercise prosecutorial discretion against those brought to the nation as children.
Declining to Photograph a Same-Sex Ceremony: Is It Legal to Refuse a Gay Client?
A court in New Mexico says no. We map the arguments.