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The Collateral Damage of Sin
Worse than what “missing the mark” does to our soul is what it does to our neighbors.
Found on Bushes? No!
Wisdom from CT’s first managing editor, and gifts of its latest ones.
Where the Unborn Are People
Churches are bearing better witness to life beyond its “potential.”
Our March Issue: Defining Deconstruction
Why attempts at a synonym fail.
Visitors to Those in Prison Are Getting Screened Out
Video calls can supplement but should never supplant visits with incarcerated people.
The Worst (and Best) Passage for Generosity Sermons
The widow’s mite story is about more than her sacrificial giving.
Our September Issue: This Present Fiction
Before American Christians were known for writing pop fiction, they were known for disliking it.
The Church Has Helped to Heal Those It Once Hurt
We can imitate those in Acts 6 who responded to the needs of neglected and oppressed women.
Christian College Boards: Stay Strong on Sexual Ethics
CCCU schools are facing intense pressure. But it’s an opportunity, not a siege.
Our April Issue: Single Parenting by Choice
CT’s single-parent adoption pioneer shares her story.
10 Things We Learned about Medicine and Illness in Bible Times
Insights for Covidtide from “The Dictionary of Daily Life in Biblical and Post-Biblical Antiquity.”
Post-Election Civility Is Not Enough
Love keeps no record of wrongs, but it does stand up against them.
Research Roundup: Preaching Takeaways from the Latest in Social Science
Because, as Karl Barth never said, a pastor should read the Bible in one hand, the newspaper in the other, and a peer-reviewed social science journal in another.
Sacred Duties
Why we wanted an article rethinking tax exemptions.
The Gospel According to Mark (Galli)
Lessons from CT’s editor in chief.
Meet the Minnie Church
What happens when you plant a church only for Walt Disney World employees?
Our October Issue: Short-Term Memory
Bearing witness well.
Remembering Rob Moll
Our friend and coworker had joyfully prepared for his tragic death.
The Risk of Inviting Jesus into Your Summer
Can this season be one where I grow with God and with my neighbor?
Religious Freedom Isn’t Just for Christians
A Supreme Court cruelty reveals how we can love our neighbors.