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Top 10 Digital Bible Studies
Top 5 Bible Courses for Christmas
These were your favorite studies on this topic.
Top 10 Bible Studies on Marriage
This fall’s top ten list cover a variety of bible studies on marriage. Each curriculum gives you resources to lead a group study, but is also perfect as your own personal study.
The 10 Most-Read Stories of the Persecuted Church
China removes 400 crosses, the US deports Iraqi Christians, and ISIS beheads dozens.
The Top 20 Most-Read Christianity Today Articles of 2015
The Supreme Court decision, C. S. Lewis' secret life, loving my sister-brother, and more.
The Top 20 Most-Read Gleanings of 2015
The 50 countries where it's most difficult to be a Christian, 'The Boy from Heaven' retracts his story, Elisabeth Elliot passes through gates of splendor, and more.
The Top 5 Testimonies of 2015
Here are the Christian conversion stories that CT readers shared most.
50: The Best the March for Life Movement Can Ever Hope For?
The last time pro-life politicians had this much political power, states passed record restrictions on abortion. But new rulings suggest a stopping point.
The Top 20 Most-Read Christianity Today Articles of 2014
World Vision's reversal, Kay Warren on son's suicide, 33 Christian leaders under 33, and more.
The Top 10 Testimonies of 2014
Here are the Christian conversion stories that CT readers shared most.
The Top 20 Most-Read Gleanings of 2014
Did you catch all the religion news that CT readers found most interesting this year?
For First Time, State Bans on Same-Sex Marriage Upheld by Appeals Court
Get ready for a Supreme Court showdown after Sixth Circuit says two judges shouldn't make a decision for 32 million citizens.
What's Next? How Hobby Lobby Affects Wheaton College and Nearly 100 Other Cases
Wheaton College, six other organizations get temporary relief; 100 cases likely to be affected.
An Appeals Court Just Struck Down Utah's Same-Sex Marriage Ban. What Else is Happening?
As states overturn gay marriage bans, the "blue state thing" is turning less partisan.
Would Jesus Bake a Cake for a Gay Wedding in Arizona?
Russell Moore says no, Kirsten Powers says yes, as bill awaits governor's decision.
How 100 Cities 'Rank and Tank' at Embracing the Bible (Colorado Springs? No. 56)
(UPDATED) Christian college towns do well, as Barna and American Bible Society identify 'Bible-minded' cities for second time.
Will Utah Eventually End America's Same-Sex Marriage Debate?
The final ruling on Kitchen v. Herbert could accomplish what DOMA and Prop. 8 cases failed to do.