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Matt Chandler Restored to Ministry After Three Months
The Village Church offers few details about process it says was successful.
Died: Jason David Frank, Power Ranger Who Pointed to Christ’s Power
He trusted in God's strength because “Jesus didn’t tap.”
Lawsuit: Vineyard Anaheim Exit Was About Money, Not Holy Spirit
Carol Wimber-Wong and eight former members accuse Dwelling Place pastors of $62 million fraud.
Prayer and Forgiveness Offered at Texas Execution
And other brief news from Christians around the world.
The Season’s Greeting Most Preferred for Happy Holidays? ‘Merry Christmas.’
Americans expected to send 1.6 billion cards this year, continuing Victorian-era tradition.
Died: Michael Gerson, Speechwriter Who Crafted Faith-Inspired Language for George W. Bush
The one-time theology student believed politics should have “heroic ambition,” and speeches should be written, on occasion, for the angels.
‘Nondenominational’ Is Now the Largest Segment of American Protestants
US Religion Census finds independent congregations have surged in the last decade.
Republicans Win on Inflation but Lose on Abortion
Prayed-for midterm “red wave” fails to materialize.
Christian Nationalism Debates Expose Clashing Views of Power
As American evangelicals head to the polls, they disagree about the meaning of the contested phrase.
Died: Gordon Fee, Who Taught Evangelicals to Read the Bible ‘For All Its Worth’
A New Testament “scholar on fire,” he believed Scripture was an encounter with God.
This Is Not the Most Important Election of Our Lives
Michael Wear, founder of the Center for Christianity and Public Life, on the state of American politics, what’s at stake in the midterms, and the temptation to “ultimatize” our issues.
Billy Graham Gets State-of-the-Art Archive
A new research facility gathers the full documentary record of the evangelist's life work to make the case for his continued relevance.
More Evangelical Women Have Had Sex With Women Than You Might Think
A study shows an increase in reports of LGBT experience, identity, and affirmation.
‘Our Father Who Art in Heaven’ Evidence of Russian Torture
And other news briefs from Christians around the world.
You Should Be Bored in Church
Q&A with education professor Kevin Gary on the moral problem of the restless mind and why we need to learn to sit with tedium.
Moral Middle Candidates Want to Save America (But They Keep Losing)
Christians concerned about division, disinformation, and democratic norms are straining to reestablish the political center.
Evangelical School Strikes Deal with Chick-fil-A Franchises
And other news briefs from Christians around the world.
20% of Polling Places Are in Churches. We Mapped Them.
Here’s where 12,875 houses of worship serve democracy.
After the Boomers, New Leaders Bring New Life to the Vineyard
The next generation of charismatic pastors doesn’t want authority but collaboration—and communities ready to follow the Spirit.
Died: Dan Busby, Accountant Who Set Standards for Ministry Finances
He believed “Christians should set an example of the utmost integrity.”