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What Would Jesus Do in North Minneapolis? Buy a Gas Station.
Facing poverty, crime, and closing businesses, Christians look to transform their corners.
Mississippi Evangelicals Prepare to Welcome Dobbs Babies
Christians open their arms to the 5,000 children state officials expect to be born now that Roe v. Wade has been overturned.
Samaritan’s Purse Gives Away 200 Millionth Christmas Shoebox
Operation Christmas Child spokeswoman recalls the power of a yo-yo she received in a Ukrainian orphanage.
Study: Gen Z Wants to Know More About Jesus
Despite long-term trends away from religion, Barna Group finds openness in teens.
With an Eye to Mission and Money, More Evangelical Universities Go Green
New financing mechanisms reduce the cost of reducing emissions.
Cupboards Not Quite Bare as Food Pantries Struggle Against Inflation
Record price increases put pressure on churches trying to meet rising need.
Preach the Gospel Everywhere. When Necessary, Use Laundromats.
A different kind of “third place” ministry creates community and connections with washers and dryers.
Synod Votes to Simplify, Clarify Cross-Borders Relationship of the Christian Reformed Church
Task force proposal promises to help US and Canadian congregations work together more easily.
Report: 26 Million Americans Stopped Reading the Bible Regularly During COVID-19
Sharp decline may be connected to drop in church attendance.
Drug Addiction Was Bad in America. The Pandemic Made it Worse.
Recovery ministries try to help as people give up and give in.
Christian Ministries: Say No to Orphanages
COVID-19 crisis puts pressure on hard-hit nations with millions of caregivers dead. But family care is still preferred.
The Church Is Losing Its Gray Heads
Why are boomers and Gen X dropping out of church at higher rates than younger Christians?
An AI Aims to be First Christian Celebrity of the Metaverse
But for now, the gospel music algorithm still needs human help.
Evangelism Not a Priority in Canadian Churches
Even during crisis of COVID-19, few are finding ways to share their faith, study finds. 
Moving Beyond Hotel Bibles, Gideons in Canada Announce New Name
ShareWord will continue to distribute Scripture, but emphasize church partnerships and equipping Christians for evangelism.
How Prayer and Science Prepared Palm Beach Atlantic’s New President for the Pandemic
After months of leading the school and holding Zoom calls with isolated students, Debra Schwinn will finally celebrate her inauguration.
NASA Specialist Finds His Calling in Space Experiments
This wasn’t Johnny Berry’s plan. But he trusts a larger one.
Nine Years, 782,000 Words Later, South Carolina Woman Completes Handwritten Bible
Caroline Campbell’s project aims to inspire Christians to learn Scripture and see disabilities as a gift to the church.
Study: Regular Bible Readers Experienced More Stress in 2020, But Also More Hope
In times of trials, Scripture strengthened and encouraged.
Tulsa Church Ledger Preserves Stories of Faith After Historic Massacre
For 100th anniversary, the Museum of the Bible restored the “Book of Redemption.”