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Pakistani Christian Praised for Documenting Blasphemy Victims. Most Are Muslims.
Catholic advocate awarded by US State Department explains why Christians are disproportionately targeted while the Islamic majority predominantly accuses its own.
‘First of Its Kind’: A Jesus Film for the Deaf Community
A new movie from Deaf Missions tells the gospel story in American Sign Language.
A Writer’s Creative Calling Isn’t Found in the Middle of a Crowd
Award-winning author E. Lily Yu speaks about her faith, her deep love of language, and the perils of “moving with the majority.”
Luci Shaw Wants to Open the Windows
In Reversing Entropy, the 95-year-old poet looks lovingly at creation.
In a Divided World, Practice Patient Persuasion
A law professor shares lessons on respectful disagreement in the classroom, the church, and the wider culture.
Finding an Uncontainable God Within Finite Poetic Spaces
Eastern Orthodox poet Scott Cairns reflects on his new collection, his journey of faith, and poetry’s capacity to apprehend inexhaustible realities.
She Wrote Love Stories. Then Her Marriage Ended.
How a romance author journeyed with God through an unwanted divorce.
Can Christian Colleges Make the Grade?
An experienced evangelical educator sees challenges ahead—but opportunities too.
Os ecos de Gênesis em Darwin
A ciência evolucionária tem raízes surpreendentes em uma visão hebraica da realidade.
The Echoes of Genesis in Darwin
Evolutionary science has surprising roots in a Hebrew view of reality.
Sharia Law Makes a Solid Case for Christ
In new book, Jordanian pastor and academic says that if Muslims treat evidence for the Bible and Quran consistently, the gospel eyewitnesses authenticate Jesus' crucifixion and resurrection.
The Orthodox Church Is More Evangelical Than You Think
Interview with Lausanne-affiliated expert discusses who is in the church, the propriety of proselytism, and the example given by Billy Graham in Russia and Romania.
Des mystiques et des moines que nous gagnerions à entendre.
Le christianisme médiéval offre un miroir utile à l’Église contemporaine.
Mary Was More Than a Mother
Treating her as a static figure obscures a lifetime of gospel witness.
Mystics, Monastics, and the Moderns Who Need Them
Medieval Christianity holds up a helpful mirror to the contemporary church.
Artsakh Exodus: Armenians Mourn as 100,000 Flee Christian Homeland
Azerbaijani offensive shatters 33-year effort at nation-building, depopulating majority of enclave from fear of genocide. Despite depression, Bible Society leader says, “God will not abandon us.”
Take a Risk and Make a Friend
With God’s help, a little intentionality can go a long way toward healing our loneliness.
Los teólogos occidentales necesitan a los no occidentales, y viceversa
Las particularidades de cada cultura pueden ayudar a comprender y proclamar mejor el Evangelio.

Top Story June 25, 2024

You Can Love Rap, Jesus, and the Color Pink
You Can Love Rap, Jesus, and the Color Pink
The first female artist on Lecrae’s label, Wande talks to CT about being a woman in Christian hip-hop and how the genre can be an entry point for learning gospel truths.

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