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The Evil Ideas Behind October 7
The Hamas attacks in Israel have a grotesque ideological history and deserve unflinching moral judgment.
Christianity Today’s 2024 Book Awards
Our picks for the books most likely to shape evangelical life, thought, and culture.
God’s Promises Are Clearest When We Turn Out the Lights
Christians have every reason to reduce light pollution.
One Christian’s Quest to Change the Way We See Immigration
Equipped with Scripture, history, and a defunct restaurant on the southern border, Sami DiPasquale hopes he can soften politics-hardened hearts.
AI Will Shape Your Soul
But how is up to us.
Should I Offer My Pronouns?
Gendered language is increasingly controversial in public life. Christians are grappling with how to engage.
Generations After Slavery, Georgia Neighbors Find Freedom and Repair in Christ
In the farming community of Dirt Town Valley, family friends grapple with a difficult truth: One ancestor was enslaved by another.
Our Worship Is Turning Praise into Secular Profit
With corporate consolidation in worship music, more entities are invested in the songs sung on Sunday mornings. How will their financial incentives shape the church?
Why Does Creation Groan?
Scripture and science suggest that animal suffering fits into a divine artistic story.
Ministers in Ukraine Are ‘Ready to Meet God at Any Moment’
Pastors and church leaders who stayed behind serve as if every day might be their last.
Christianity Today’s 2023 Book Awards
Our picks for the books most likely to shape evangelical life, thought, and culture.
Bono’s Punk-Rock Rebellion Was a Cry of Hopeful Lament
Grief and God have been part of U2’s story from the start.
Canada Euthanized 10,000 People in 2021. Has Death Lost Its Sting?
Here’s what I’ve learned as a Christian doctor receiving requests for physician-assisted dying.
The Woman Who Gave the World a Thousand Names for God
How a British linguist and a failed Nigerian coup changed everything about Bible translation.
There Are Many Mansions in Heaven, but We’d Like Something Sooner
How US homebuyer woes can reorient us toward the eternal.
월드비전의 잊혀진 창시자
한 한국인 목사가 세계에서 가장 큰 자선 단체 중 하나의 출범을 도왔다. 그는 왜 역사에서 사라졌을까?
Вони залишили Україну, а Україна попрямувала за ними
Втікаючи від російських ракет, деякі віруючі, вигнані зі своїх будинків, здобули нову мету в житті – тепер вони допомагають біженцям.
Они покинули Украину, а Украина последовала за ними
Убегая от российских ракет, некоторые верующие, изгнанные из своих домов, обрели новую цель в жизни – помощь беженцам.
They Fled Ukraine, and Ukraine Followed
Escaping Russian missiles, some exiled believers found a new sense of purpose helping refugees.
Our Pulpits Are Full of Empty Preachers
Tens of thousands of pastors want to quit but haven’t. What has that done to them?

Top Story February 22, 2024

What a Murdered Russian Dissident Can Teach Us About Moral Courage
What a Murdered Russian Dissident Can Teach Us About Moral Courage
Alexei Navalny was willing to stand alone—knowing he’d never be alone in the bigger story.

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