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‘Everything Everywhere All at Once’ and the Paradox of Achieving ‘Nothing’
Did Evelyn have anything to show for after a life in the laundromat? Did I as a homeschool mom?
‘Women Talking’ Focuses on Survivors, Not Abusers
The Oscar–nominated film started a conversation that the church can learn from.
‘Everything Everywhere All at Once’ and the Beautiful Mystery of God’s Silence
Who knew two nonverbal rocks had so much to say?
‘Jesus Revolution’ Director: ‘We’re at the Forefront of a Return to God’
Director Jon Erwin discusses his inspiration for the film and how history might be repeating itself today.
Supernatural Signs Alone Cannot Save
As “The Chosen” reminds us, Jesus performed many miracles—and yet still some failed to believe.
Candace Cameron Bure Has a New Home for the Holidays
The evangelical actor faces recent pushback for her decision to leave Hallmark for Great American Family, whose Christmas movies will center on “traditional marriage.”
Where Angels Fear to Tread: Writing A TV Show About Jesus
The screenwriters for “The Chosen” wanted a main character who is not like Superman.
The Real Miracle on the Set of ‘The Chosen’ Is Christians Coming Together
People around the world have found a passionate community in the hit show about Jesus. With a new season, can it keep navigating fan, investor, and religious demands?
If You See Something Unjust, Say Something
The new Emmett Till film tells a story of racial apathy that still haunts the church today.
The Demise of Jerry Falwell Jr. Makes for Great Media Fodder
But how should Christians be engaging it?
An Ark Mentality Can’t Survive an Anxiety-Flooded Age
In a world of fear and turmoil, the story of Noah brings baptismal hope.
Jeffrey Dahmer and Killing Our True Crime Obsession
When serial killer stories rank among the country’s top shows, we’re guilty of fueling a dark trend.
Southwestern Seminary President Resigns
The successor to Paige Patterson cites “reputational, legal, and financial realities” as he moves on to an IMB role.
A Moral Primer on Amazon’s ‘Rings of Power’
Tolkien’s kingdom of Númenor is a cautionary tale for us today.
Forge the Ring, Pass the Soup
Amazon’s “Rings of Power” series adds to what Tolkien termed the “Cauldron of Story,” where sub-creators mix up the stew of God’s creation.
Meet the Christian Rap Duo from ‘Reservation Dogs’
Hip hop artists Lil Mike and Funny Bone got their start performing at churches. Now they’re acting on FX’s critically acclaimed television series.
‘Turning Red’ Teaches Kids to Feed, Not Tame, the Beast Within
The film departs from biblical wisdom on how we should deal with our inner mess.
Remembering Abouna Makary, Coptic Priest Loved by Egypt’s Evangelicals
Favorite Orthodox figure on Arabic Christian TV eulogized by fellow evangelist Sameh Maurice after COVID-19 death.
Francine Rivers Wants ‘Redeeming Love’ to Draw People to Christ
It’s the story of Hosea—but steamier.
Died: Marcus Lamb, Daystar Founder Who Believed TV Opened a Window for the Holy Spirit
After setting himself apart from corrupt televangelists and achieving incredible early success, the Christian network chief lived from scandal to scandal.

Top Story April 15, 2024

Your Neighbors (Probably) Don’t Hate You
Your Neighbors (Probably) Don’t Hate You
They might not even know you’re there. When paranoia eclipses our witness, here’s what to remember.

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