To Guard Against the Monsters in My Life, I Became a Monster Myself
A lifestyle of violence and addiction nearly destroyed me, but it brought me to the foot of the cross.
I Cried Out to the Name Demons Fear Most
How Jesus rescued a New Age psychic from spiritual darkness.
How a Chinese-Born Research Scientist Became a Daring Online Evangelist
CT’s outgoing Asia editor recalls how God led him to America, toward the Christian faith, onto the internet, and outward to serve the global Chinese church.
I Wanted a Bigger God Than My Hindu Guru Offered
As my doubts about his teachings grew, so did a secret fascination with Jesus.
I Hated ‘Church People.’ But I Knew I Needed Them.
As I attended my second funeral in three weeks, two Christians showed me a kindness I couldn’t explain.
The 2016 Election Sent Me Searching for Answers
Politics had become a false idol, and I needed a deeper source of purpose and meaning.
God Teaches Me Through My Daughter with Down Syndrome
Adults with intellectual disabilities can have robust spiritual lives. Are we learning from them?
I Studied Christianity with the Hope of Debunking It
A decade later, I became a Christian.
I Was Facing a Lifetime in Mental Institutions When God Threw Me a Lifeline
How he purged the voices in my head telling me I was worthless.
I Was a Disenchanted Deadhead Who Found Christ on a Greyhound Bus
When I fled the hippie scene, I never imagined how God’s Word would speak to me on board.
I Stumbled in the Steps of the Good Samaritan
When we picture ourselves as heroes, we often forget our humanity.
I Hadn’t Committed Suicide. But I Was Spiritually Dead.
The prison ID’ed the wrong man. But the mistake was powerfully revealing.
Jesus Met Me on the Morning of My Funeral
I was dressed for burial when he gave me a mission to proclaim his name.
I Loved Studying Math. I Needed God to Show Me Why.
At a moment of crisis, my drive to excel seemed increasingly pointless.
New Age Thinking Lured Me into Danger. Jesus Brought Relief.
He made himself real at a moment of intense spiritual fear.
I Was the Mole in a Family of Mallets
How God rescued me from a life of getting whacked.
I Was the Proverbial, Drug-Fueled Rock and Roller
Until a chance encounter with my mom’s old Bible opened my eyes.
I Wanted to Die for Allah. Now I Live for Jesus.
As a militant Muslim, I never expected to have any dealings with Christians, much less to befriend them.
Cambodian Spies Were Watching Me. So Was Someone Else.
After escaping the Khmer Rouge with my siblings, I learned who had been protecting me all along.
I Untied My Noose and Took Up My Cross
A serious drug arrest had darkened my horizon. But a sweet, soft voice whispered words of hope.

Top Story June 24, 2024

‘Going for the Jugular’ Does Not Wash Away Sin
‘Going for the Jugular’ Does Not Wash Away Sin
Why the life and death of disgraced culture warrior Paul Pressler should serve as a warning to all of us.

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