To Guard Against the Monsters in My Life, I Became a Monster Myself
A lifestyle of violence and addiction nearly destroyed me, but it brought me to the foot of the cross.
I Cried Out to the Name Demons Fear Most
How Jesus rescued a New Age psychic from spiritual darkness.
How a Chinese-Born Research Scientist Became a Daring Online Evangelist
CT’s outgoing Asia editor recalls how God led him to America, toward the Christian faith, onto the internet, and outward to serve the global Chinese church.
I Wanted a Bigger God Than My Hindu Guru Offered
As my doubts about his teachings grew, so did a secret fascination with Jesus.
I Hated ‘Church People.’ But I Knew I Needed Them.
As I attended my second funeral in three weeks, two Christians showed me a kindness I couldn’t explain.
The 2016 Election Sent Me Searching for Answers
Politics had become a false idol, and I needed a deeper source of purpose and meaning.
God Teaches Me Through My Daughter with Down Syndrome
Adults with intellectual disabilities can have robust spiritual lives. Are we learning from them?
I Studied Christianity with the Hope of Debunking It
A decade later, I became a Christian.
I Was Facing a Lifetime in Mental Institutions When God Threw Me a Lifeline
How he purged the voices in my head telling me I was worthless.
I Was a Disenchanted Deadhead Who Found Christ on a Greyhound Bus
When I fled the hippie scene, I never imagined how God’s Word would speak to me on board.
I Stumbled in the Steps of the Good Samaritan
When we picture ourselves as heroes, we often forget our humanity.
I Hadn’t Committed Suicide. But I Was Spiritually Dead.
The prison ID’ed the wrong man. But the mistake was powerfully revealing.
Jesus Met Me on the Morning of My Funeral
I was dressed for burial when he gave me a mission to proclaim his name.
I Loved Studying Math. I Needed God to Show Me Why.
At a moment of crisis, my drive to excel seemed increasingly pointless.
New Age Thinking Lured Me into Danger. Jesus Brought Relief.
He made himself real at a moment of intense spiritual fear.
I Was the Mole in a Family of Mallets
How God rescued me from a life of getting whacked.
I Was the Proverbial, Drug-Fueled Rock and Roller
Until a chance encounter with my mom’s old Bible opened my eyes.
I Wanted to Die for Allah. Now I Live for Jesus.
As a militant Muslim, I never expected to have any dealings with Christians, much less to befriend them.
Cambodian Spies Were Watching Me. So Was Someone Else.
After escaping the Khmer Rouge with my siblings, I learned who had been protecting me all along.
I Untied My Noose and Took Up My Cross
A serious drug arrest had darkened my horizon. But a sweet, soft voice whispered words of hope.

Top Story June 21, 2024

Corruption Is a Discipleship Problem
Corruption Is a Discipleship Problem
Six ways Christians often make the problem worse and five steps toward a solution

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