Good Question

Who Was Jesus’ Grandfather?
What the two genealogies of Christ, found in Matthew and Luke, are really trying to say.
Nothing New
Popular spiritual author and Oprah favorite Eckhart Tolle quotes Jesus a lot. Is he a Christian?
Hour of Decision
"How can I know I'm a Christian if I can't remember when I first responded to the gospel?"
Until We Meet Again
'Does the Bible teach that we will recognize our loved ones in heaven?'
Three Models of Hell
"Is hell nothing more than eternal torture of the unsaved? Why would God engage in punishment that seems so cruel?" -- Tony De Luca, New York, New York
Dribbling Circles Around Jesus
What did Jesus mean when he said that we would do greater things than he did?—Tyler Willian, Los Angeles, California
Visual Spirituality
Is religious art, like Michelangelo's 'Creation of Adam,' a violation of the second commandment when God is portrayed?—Steve Potts, Jackson, Mississippi
Salvation sans Jesus
If you can't be saved without Jesus, what about the Old Testament faithful?
To Judge, or Not to Judge
Christ commanded us not to judge others, but aren't there times when common sense or prudence requires it? Asked by Stephen Hunt, St. Paul, Minnesota
God's Housing Crisis
Why should church buildings get so much of the financial, physical, and social attention that is rightly due to the needs of Christians and others? Asked by Kofo Olomu, Cotonou, Benin
Finding Heaven
Where is heaven, and how will we experience it before the final resurrection?
Finding Heaven
Forgiving the Unrepentant
Can I forgive those who have betrayed me if they are not repentant?
All Sins Are Not Equal
Question: Are all sins weighed equally, or is one more important than another? —Linda Linton, Celina, Ohio
Killing with Kindness
Why is the church against euthanasia in instances where people are in terrible pain?
Dangerous Meditations
What harm is there in achieving a higher state of consciousness through meditation?
Vegetarians in Paradise
Based on Isaiah 11:6-7 and 65:25, will we be vegetarians in the new heaven and earth as Adam and Eve were before the Fall?
When God Doesn't Heal
Why doesn't God cure everyone who prays fervently for healing?
Keeping the Sabbath
Is it wrong to mow the lawn on Sunday?
God Minus World = God
Does God need our help, love, and praise?

Top Story May 24, 2024

In ‘3 Body Problem,’ Our Days Are Numbered
In ‘3 Body Problem,’ Our Days Are Numbered
The Netflix adaptation of an acclaimed Chinese sci-fi series is anxious about time. Christians don’t have to be.

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