Good Question

Keys to Forgiving
Has God Played Fair?
Why did an omniscient God create humankind knowing that people, in every generation, would reject him?
Who Are We to Judge?
Did Jesus forbid us from judging others?
Should Christians Sue?
I know the Bible says Christians should not sue Christians, but is it okay to sue non-Christians?
Which Miracles Are Real?
"How can we tell which miracles, signs and wonders are of God?"
Can God Reach the Mentally Disabled?
Are mentally challenged adults whose intellectual age is probably that of a 1-year-old sheltered under God's salvation?
What If They Didn't Know?
Can we expect God to forgive unbelievers who don't know what they are doing?
Is the Stock Market Good Stewardship?
I see more of our Christian brothers investing in the market. Is this a healthy trend?—Edward Tsui, Toronto
Is Satan Omnipresent?
If not, how does he tempt many people at one time?
Is Suicide Unforgivable?
Question: What is the biblical hope and comfort we can offer a suicide victim's family and friends? —name withheld
Was Slavery God's Will?
Some Christian writers have said slavery in America was divinely sanctioned because it helped bring Africans to Christ. Is this true?
A Little Wine for the Soul?
The Bible says drunkenness is a sin (Galatians 5:21). But is occasional social drinking OK for Christians?
Should We All Speak in Tongues?
Some say speaking in tongues is proof of 'baptism in the Holy Spirit.' Are those who haven't spoken in tongues without the Holy Spirit?—Renea Chastain, Phoenix, Arizona
Take, Eat—But How Often?
Many churches observe the Eucharist a few times a year, but the early churches seemed to observe it weekly—possibly daily. What is most appropriate?—Wendell J. Biermann, Fayetteville, New York
Are Christians Required to Tithe?
We should be careful not to isolate the tithe from broader demands of generosity and social justice.
Is Revelation Prophecy or History?
Some events described in Revelation occurred contemporaneously with the prophecies themselves.
If Grace Is Irresistible, Why Evangelize?

Top Story June 25, 2024

Bible Figures Never Say ‘I’m Sorry’
Bible Figures Never Say ‘I’m Sorry’
If they don’t “apologize” in the modern sense, it’s only because Scripture has a richer vocabulary of repentance.

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