Good Question

You Are or You Aren't
Are some people lost just a little bit in the same way that others are saved only as through fire?
Incarnate Forever
What is the scriptural and theological support for the teaching that Jesus, the God-man, remains eternally incarnate?
Operation Evil Power
If Christ has truly defeated the powers of Satan on the Cross (Col. 2:15), why do the powers of evil effectively operate in this world?
Reflected Glory
What does Genesis mean by man being made in the image of God?
Christ's Kingdom and Paradise
What is the difference between the heavenly 'paradise' that Christ promised the thief on the cross and the kingdom of God?
Authentic Fellowship
How do we learn the deep 'one another' community of Scripture without being in close proximity?
Experiencing God's Presents
The church is not a bus where one person does the driving. It's like an anthill, where everyone works.
Faith-based Bathing
What role does baptism play in faith and salvation?
Prayers for Salvation
God may have lessons for us in the way he answers our askings
The Struggle to Love
"If the Holy Spirit is in us, why can't we love one another?"
Heavenly Bodies
What do we gain from a bodily resurrection?
The Real Gospel
"In a postmodern world in which people see many 'truths' as equally valid, how can you convince someone of the truth of salvation through Christ"
Gray Matter and the Soul
What is the difference between the brain and the soul?
Text Criticism and Inerrancy
How can I reconcile my belief in the inerrancy of Scripture with comments in Bible translations that state that a particular verse is not 'in better manuscripts'?
How to Deal with Criminals
Is there a biblical principle behind the punishment of those who break the law?
Cremation Confusion
Is it unscriptural for a Christian to be cremated?
Hell's Final Enigma
Won't heaven's joy be spoiled by our awareness of unsaved loved ones in hell?
'Jesus Only' Isn't Enough
Where exactly do Oneness Pentecostals stand in relation to orthodoxy? Are they in or out?
Is the God of Muhammad the Father of Jesus?
The answer to this question reveals the heart of our faith.
The Marriage Mystery

Top Story April 19, 2024

For the Warming of the Earth: Worshiping in the Age of Creation Care
For the Warming of the Earth: Worshiping in the Age of Creation Care
Christian artists work at the intersection of music and climate change.

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