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March 2022
Volume 66, Number 2
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About This Issue
As an editor, I usually prefer precise words to ambiguous ones like “deconstruction.” But at CT, I’m surrounded by good words that require constant clarification and differentiation, “evangelical” chief among them. In fact, frustration with the increasing ambiguity of “evangelical” is a common starting point for many who now describe themselves as deconstructing. In this month’s cover story, theologian Kirsten Sanders offers a helpful definition of deconstruction: “the struggle to correct or deepen naive belief.” Even more helpfully, she rightly sees that struggle as akin to our theological work of knowing and loving God more deeply. As our cover asks this month, aren't you deconstructing, too? -Ted Olsen, executive editor
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Cover Story

Wait, You’re Not Deconstructing?
What’s behind the exvangelical trend isn’t new. But it sheds new light on theology.


Birth Behind Bars: Christians Fight ‘Cruel,’ Outdated Prison Policies
Ministry efforts aim to induce change and offer care for the growing number of new moms separated from their babies due to incarceration.
The Church Is Losing Its Gray Heads
Why are boomers and Gen X dropping out of church at higher rates than younger Christians?
Christian Witness After War: A Firsthand Account of Armenia and Azerbaijan
After churches change hands in Nagorno-Karabakh, can Armenian and Azeri Christians reconcile faster than their governments?
I Left the New Age Behind When I Read the Old Testament
My books and courses brought fame and fortune. Now I’m begging people to ignore what I taught.


We’re Not Mad Enough at Death
Dying is a fact of life. It’s also the enemy we’re called to resist.
Not All That Glitters Is Photoshopped
When everything seems fake, Jesus says, “Put your hand in my side.”
It’s Hamilton’s World. We’re Just Living in It.
The Broadway hit serves as a parable of the post-Christian West.
Of Orphanages and Armies
My Russian-born son enlisting reminded me of my identity in Christ.


When Billy Graham Took His Ministry Transatlantic
For all that separated America and Europe in the 1950s, their experience of the crusade leader was remarkably similar.
Religious Experiences Are Common. Which Ones Should We Trust?
Reports of divine encounters aren’t always legitimate, but they shouldn’t be lightly dismissed.
New & Noteworthy Books
Compiled by Matt Reynolds.
Denmark Vesey’s Challenge to a Biblically Literate Nation
The architect of a foiled 19th-century slave revolt justified violence in terms he hoped Americans would understand.
The Bible Has a Clear and Consistent ‘Party Theology’
We’re called not only to attend them, but also to throw them ourselves.


An AI Aims to be First Christian Celebrity of the Metaverse
But for now, the gospel music algorithm still needs human help.
100 Women Consider Ending Their Pregnancies. How Many Get an Abortion?
The answer may depend on crisis pregnancy centers.
Gleanings: March 2022
News from Christians around the world.
New Brethren Churches Wrestle with Division Details
The doctrines separating them are clear. The legal process of disentanglement, less so.
The Confederate Statues Are Gone. The Work of Repentance Continues.
These white evangelicals want to make the former capital of the Confederacy into the capital of racial reconciliation.

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