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May/June 2020
Volume 64, Number 4
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Who Is My COVID-19 Neighbor?: While there are glimmers of hope suggesting the COVID-19 pandemic may be turning a corner in the United States and other countries, our cover story this month examines the virus’s potential impact in the developing world. What will happen as the disease moves through regions with practically no ICU beds, and where shelter-in-place policies could push many to the brink of starvation? And as Christians long concerned about being global Good Samaritans, how many burdens can we really bear at one time?
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Cover Story

Who Is My COVID-19 Neighbor?
The only way to beat the coronavirus in the US is to beat it everywhere. Can we really save the whole world?


There’s a New Kind of Pregnancy Center on the Block
Today’s generation of Christian leaders is making the movement more effective by taking a broader look at community dynamics.
After Stillbirth, Families Search for Dignity
A growing industry in perinatal care allows parents a proper goodbye.
Can Christian Streaming Services Last Alongside Netflix and Disney+?
Faith-driven streaming services can’t compete with the ever-growing number of entertainment giants flooding into homes. But maybe they don’t have to.
Do We Really Love God’s Law?
The Old Testament doesn't contradict New Testament ethics. It clarifies them.


Want a Healthy Society? Support Moms
How politicians and leaders on both the Left and Right fail to adequately aid mothers.
Freedom Is Calling. So Is the Birdcage.
If Christ has set us free, why do we often still feel stuck in captivity?
You Are What You Sweep
Why being made of dust is both terrifying and encouraging.


Tornados Put Our Faith to the Test
How American Christians have pondered the mysteries of violent weather.
The Cure for Complementarianism Gone Wrong
Author Aimee Byrd rethinks the “Biblical Manhood and Womanhood” movement.
New & Noteworthy Books
Compiled by Matt Reynolds.
For Dietrich Bonhoeffer, Civic Duty Began at Home
How a tour through his private living quarters helps us better understand his public responsibilities—and ours.
Our Olive-Skinned Gospel
As a Middle Easterner, I can't read the Bible without a smile of recognition crawling across my face.


The Foursquare Church Renews Focus on Diversity
With an eye to demographic change and an increase in foreign-born ministers, the Pentecostals welcome 'what God is doing in America.'
Texas Man Dreams of Tallest Cross
Six have claimed US title in last 30 years.
Gleanings: May 2020
Called to Missions. Held Back by Student Loans.
Rising debt stops many who would serve.
Knock Knock. It’s Weird Evangelical Twitter.
Online, millennial Christians embrace the absurd.

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