‘How Long Will It Be?’

Thank you for making the outcry of the Christians in Northern
Nigeria your cover story.

David Amutiara

Thank you, CT, for sharing this. This is the news (even when it’s difficult) we need to be hearing more of. Stuff that is actually affecting the Christian church globally.

Steph Bell

I’m thankful for journalists like @jeremywebr who take me to places I’ve never been through their reporting and writing.


Burma’s Beleagured Baptists

The church must wake up to the persecution and suffering of our brothers and sisters. All Christians there are suffering and we must stand with them.


Show Them the Money

Thank you for the article. What does ministry partnership mean on both sides of the financial transaction—this must be taught and learnt well so that we can be good stewards of the mission that is entrusted to us.


A Place Set Apart

Reading Jen Wilkin’s excellent piece on the value of women-only forums in the church brought back to my mind the emergence of Promise Keepers some years ago with its big stadium venues and small groups spin-offs. In those men-only settings, I was amazed at the sight of men (yours truly included) openly crying and sharing in ways I’d never seen and couldn’t imagine in mixed-gender environments. Ever since I have been convinced all-male spaces nurture men in ways mixed spaces don’t and as such should be encouraged and facilitated in the church.

Thomas J. Ramundo
Jackson, MI

Thanks, Jen, for writing this. Hot topic in our leadership team at the moment. The activities chosen for our same-sex groups confuse me—why do men have a theological study group and women have pampering evenings with a testimony? Both valuable, but why segregated by gender?


What Happens When We Bury Our Unborn?

Read with tears in my eyes having miscarried myself (as have so many others). A service to thoughtfully grieve the loss of our miscarried babies is something to seriously consider.


My wife and I lost our first baby after several years of infertility. Four years and two kids later, the grief still feels fresh sometimes. This is heartbreaking, beautiful, and I’m so glad she shared it.


I’m always moved when Tish Harrison Warren writes on miscarriage and grief. Even after all these years, posts like this bring back the memories of grief and the hope offered by flesh and blood friends in our mourning.


Love Your Frenemies

The article none of us who resist and are Christian want to read. Nevertheless, the words resonate. Ouch. Lord, help me to want to love my enemies.


Thank you so much for this article. I stumbled onto it and I’m so glad I did. For two years I’ve felt stuck on this issue, and this is the first time I’ve seen anyone address it from an angle I can relate to.


“Love Your Political Frenemies” by Judy Wu Dominick was inspiring, illuminating, and refreshing. Loved it and will be sharing it!

Marjorie Lindsey

Atlanta, GA

Appreciate your courage in writing this. I relate to so much of it and needed the truths you shared.


The ‘Whole’ in Our Gospel

Regarding Bill Dyrness’s fine review of Al Tizon’s book, Whole and Reconciled: “Holistic mission” certainly has not won in today’s evangelical church! The review says nothing about creation care. Christian mission can never be whole or truly biblical as long as it ignores God’s everlasting “covenant between me and the earth” (Gen. 9:13) and its urgent, ongoing missional implications.

Howard A. Snyder
Wilmore, KY

Her Prayers Helped Pull Me Out of Darkness

Thanks for sharing such a powerful story of God’s grace. It encourages me to never give up praying for others.


I never get tired of hearing others testify of God’s goodness. These testimonies often take my breath away and bring me to tears. So powerful! God is so good.

Karen Collett

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