My Pregnancy, Not My Baby

This is an amazing gift! Impressed with how CT captured it.

Katy Encalade

Shellnutt’s piece was provocative in the best way, bringing to light a growing phenomenon that Christians ought to consider thoughtfully. However, her article presented the issue in ways that neglect grave reservations appropriate to the issue. Surrogacy is problematic not only because of the embryo manipulation and economic justice troubles often raised in hesitation. Surrogacy is problematic because of the way it misunderstands pregnancy, and for that reason Christians ought not bless it as a kind of ministry.

Agnes Howard
Valparaiso, IN

Is ISIS Really Muslim?

I greatly appreciate Jayson Casper’s finely nuanced article addressing takfir. Instead of taking the time to listen to our Muslim neighbors as this article demonstrates, we tend to take an essentialist view of religion, which condemns all Muslims without understanding [Islam’s] complexities. We Christians will be judged by this same essentialist measure by Muslims until we take the time to listen, pray, and cry with our Muslim neighbors who are seeing the fragmentation of their religion on the nightly news.

Roy Oksnevad
Director of Muslim Ministries, EFCA All People
Villa Park, IL

Meeting Temptation with Confidence

Your assessment of why the Lord’s Prayer includes “lead us not” was spot-on correct, and the points made were sound both scripturally and liturgically. I love the fact that you used Scripture to define and interpret Scripture! This is the only way that Scripture can be properly interpreted, and I wish more writers and scholars used this approach. Thank you for a wonderful article. You have added clarity to a subject the world is trying to cloud.

Ty Asante
West Orange, NJ

Jesus Christ Has Come in the Flesh

Derek Rishmawy, thank you for sharing your story and your processing of it! I have struggled with EDS hypermobility type, which means dislocating and tearing things constantly for years now. Your story absolutely resonated with me, and I will be sharing it as widely and loudly as I can. It made me feel like someone else “gets it,” and that feeling is so dear to someone suffering from insidious and/or invisible chronic pain. I said a prayer for you, but I also wanted to say thank you.

Kristy Johnson
Boston, MA

That Sarcastic Slam Is Definitely a Great Idea

Excellent article on sarcasm and the anger/pride underlying it. I have had to overcome the tendency to it, thankfully early in my ministry and marriage. I have seen it do much harm in relationships, ministry teams, and other places. My observation is that environments that sanction it do so at the expense of grieving the presence and work of the Holy Spirit. What a tragic price to pay for displaying one’s cleverness.

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Paul Spasic
Plymouth, IN

A Consecrated Fool

I was encouraged by Fred Smith’s insight into what I call “the function of the OT.” In my years of graduate study and teaching Old Testament (OT), I have noted that contemporary Christians tend to look at the OT Scriptures as a guide to how we should behave; the ancient believers (pre-Jesus) looked at the OT Scriptures to discover who they were. Amidst the struggles and foibles of their ancient predecessors, they discovered their God, who they were, and for what they were destined. We do a disservice to the OT if we continue to treat it like the New—allow it to speak on its own terms. Fred Smith takes an insightful stride in that direction.

Dan Pugerude
Mount Vernon, WA

Are We Praying Too Casually?

Your article by David R. Thomas had special impact for me. I was inspired to find out more about the Hebrides revival—truly fascinating—which then led me to want to know more about how God has brought about and worked through revivals throughout church history. The great revivals are a lesson to us about how to pray more radically and passionately. I used the article and the Scriptures referenced as the basis for facilitating a weekly prayer meeting at our church last night, and I believe God used the author’s research and reflections to inspire greater passion in prayer for reaching our community for Christ.

Janie Pearson
Cambridge, MN

A Chinese Testimony, Written in Blood

Wow. Praise God for this kind of boldness, and may he give us many more like Lin Zhao.


Correction: In “10 Bible Translations You’ve Never Heard Of,” p. 36, a passage from the October New Testament was printed incorrectly. The translation of John 1:1–5 should read: “In the beginning was the word, and the word was with God, and the word was God. The same was in the beginning with God. All things were made by it, and without it was made nothing that was made. In it was life, and the life was the light of men. And the light shines in the darkness, but the darkness comprehended it not.”

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