June (Web-only) 2011

Christian Colleges Hope House Bill Will Repeal New Rules
CCCU says government's solution to for-profit problems threatens schools' autonomy.
Transformers 3: Dark of the Moon
The Autobots and Decepticons lay waste to Chicago and revive the franchise.
The Lost Girls of China and India
Why so many baby girls are being killed in the world's two largest countries.
My Top 5 Movies About Unemployment
Twist Again
Hold on to Love
The Harrow and the Harvest
Beyonce Is Wrong: Girls Don't Run the World
Why her message of female power is hurting the African American community.
Midnight in Paris
Woody Allen's whimsical valentine to the City of Light may be his most enjoyable film in years.
Cars 2
The vehicles go international—with a 007 makeover—in this entertaining but uneven sequel.
Should Christians Pursue External Beauty?
A controversial Psychology Today article arguing that black women are less attractive than others got me thinking about real beauty.
Quivering with Fear: A Review of 'Quivering Daughters'
Hillary McFarland reveals the idolatry of patriarchal Christianity.
An Open Letter to Donald Miller on Your Engagement
First, congratulations. Second, let's talk about that list of qualities we should want in a spouse.
The Spielberg Study Method
How four books on filmmaking can help us tell the greatest story ever told.
How to Talk about Having Children
Maybe God intended babies to mess with our well-planned lives.
Mass Appeal
Catholics and Protestants both like the music of John Michael Talbot, who releases his 52nd album today.
Worship and Bow Down
The Journey
On Fire
Bon Iver
Love Is Waiting
What We're Reading This Summer
We're taking pleasure in books in the middle of texts and tweets.
Tiger Dads vs. Sexualized Daughters
Tiger Dads vs. Sexualized Daughters
Why one of our parental duties is to protect our children physically and spirituality by teaching them to be modest.
God Wins
The really important question raised from Rob Bell's 'Love Wins.'
Why Men Should Read Jane Austen
And, how we all should read works like 'Pride and Prejudice.'
Green Lantern
In brightest day, in blackest night: Green Lantern comes to theaters.
Mr. Popper's Penguins
Jim Carrey, Angela Lansbury, and some very cute penguins create some fun family fare.
Searching for Abba on Father’s Day
Searching for Abba on Father’s Day
What Daddy said to me, a 'love child,' that changed my life.
The Cult of the Orgasm
Thinking Christianly about the vibrator boom and unsatisfied sexual desire.
Bromance Personified
Documentary 'Five Friends' illustrates what adult male friendships should look like.
Raising Yeshua-Followers in the West Bank
Ariella, a Messianic Jew, raises four children amid violence in the Holy Land.
Bishop's Move: Rowan Williams's Latest Firestorm
A leading British evangelical comments on the Archbishop of Canterbury's turn as guest editor of 'New Statesman.'
Unseen Proof
Dream with Me
All Things Bright and Beautiful
Q & A: Owl City
The man best known as Owl City says he's matured and "seasoned" since becoming an overnight sensation.
The Politics of Being a Good Christian
Why there might be two "God Gaps" in America.
Q & A: Tim Tebow on Faith, Fame, & Football
The NFL athlete reflects on his outspoken faith, whether athletes should attribute their wins to God, and moving from the Focus on the Family ad to Jockey ads.
Super 8
A rich, thrilling, and fun ride into summer movies past.
What Faith Is: Accepting Conditions
Eternity is inevitable, one way or another. We may want to get used to it.
Anthony Weiner, Gnostic
The embroiled congressman's defense that sexting is not adultery reveals a mind-body dualism long resisted by Christian tradition.
The Rise, Fall, and Rise of Ralph Reed
Why the former head of the Christian Coalition is drawing attention as a leader in the grassroots conservative movement.
Poor Man's Blues
Glenn Kaiser on his new album, Chicago's homeless, his own history with poverty, and the 40-year anniversary of the Jesus Movement.
King James Goes to the Movies
Two documentaries look at the making of the KJV.
A Backyard Garden of Grace
When our family decided to buy only items that were local, used, homegrown, or homemade, little did we know how our garden would change us.
Love & War & The Sea In-Between
Cardboard Box
Solid State
The Road
Nothing Is Impossible
With Shivering Hearts We Wait
Echo Boom
Who Wants the Future?
Plain and Simple
Why Romance Novels Aren't Emotional Porn
Just because such novels are about escape doesn't mean they are destructive.
Lessons from an Expletive-Laced Picture Book
Self-sacrifice can make parents unhappy and unhealthy—or it can help cultivate the abundant life God desires for us.
X-Men: First Class
Reinvents a familiar cast of characters in what might be the standout action film of the summer.
Rejoice & Shout
A whirlwind history lesson on black gospel speaks to the music's enduring power.
Beautiful Boy
Their marriage already strained, a couple faces devastating news about their son. PLUS: Interview with Michael Sheen.
Working for the (Son of) Man
What a theology of work might look like for female professionals, who tend to downplay their success.
Katrina Volunteers Continue, Even When it Costs Them
Volunteers remain willing to donate time and labor, even if it means that they have to pay.
Gut-Wrenching Role
Michael Sheen discusses one of his most emotionally demanding characters in 'Beautiful Boy,' opening this week.
Why 'Happy' Isn't a Christian Word
How to practice hope during the happiest season of the Christian year.

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How to Be a Christian Influencer Worthy of the Name
How to Be a Christian Influencer Worthy of the Name
We do not deserve to wield influence in the church while being simps and sycophants to the secular world.

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