"Once you're there … witnessing evil, and you come to the Western world and everyone is celebrating you are back—it can be aggravating."
Robert Park, the American missionary and activist detained in North Korea for six weeks, after North Korea also released his friend Aijalon Gomes. Park is being hospitalized with post-traumatic stress disorder.
Source: Christianity Today Online

"They try to be the hands and the feet of Jesus, not the mouth of Jesus."
Charles Beckett, father of Cheryl Beckett, one of the ten International Assistance Mission workers killed in Afghanistan, on the Taliban's claim that the group was proselytizing.
Source: The New York Times

"Regardless of how Medi-Share defines itself or what disclaimers it includes in its literature, in the final analysis, there is a shifting of risk."
The Kentucky Supreme Court, ruling that the Christian health-care cost-sharing program "fits comfortably within the statutory definition of an insurance contract" and must follow state insurance regulations.
Source: Associated Press

"Christians concerned about Glenn's faith should judge the tree by its fruits, not its labels."
David Barton, founder of WallBuilders, on talk-show host Glenn Beck, a Mormon.
Source: Facebook

"I think the whole Bible is about God putting people back in the ministry … I see Ergun with a long, profitable ministry."
Elmer Towns, who replaced Ergun Caner as dean of Liberty Baptist Theological Seminary after a committee found that Caner had made "self-contradictory" statements about his testimony. Towns, 77, led the seminary from 1979 to 1992 and co-founded Liberty University.
Source: Lynchburg News & Advance

"Even if we disagree with the rights of gay couples to adopt … it doesn't make us bad foster parents."
John Yallop, who was rejected as a foster parent in England because he and his wife preferred to meet same-sex couples seeking to adopt outside their home (to avoid confusing their own young children).
Source: The Daily Mail

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