"I suppose the left will not be entirely happy with the President's choice, and the right, not entirely unhappy."
Stephen L. Carter, Yale Law School professor and former CT columnist, on Supreme Court nominee Sonia Sotomayor, his former classmate.
(Source: The Daily Beast)

* * *

"I consider waterboarding torture. … I can't imagine that being repeatedly subjected to the feeling of drowning would not, in some cases, cause lasting psychological trauma."
Richard Land, president of the Southern Baptist Convention's Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission. But Land does not believe Bush-era interrogators should be prosecuted "for what the Justice Department had declared was legal."
(Source: Religion News Service)

* * *

"While the students in the college Democrat club are pro-life and support traditional marriage, the constitution of the club pledged support to advance the Democratic platform and candidates. The 2008 Democratic platform has taken an extreme turn to the left on social issues."
Jerry Falwell Jr., on why Liberty University's College Democrats club was stripped of official recognition status. The group is allowed to continue meeting on campus.
(Source: WashingtonPost.com)

* * *

"PBS has been encouraging us to be more local. What's more local than that?"
Ron Yager, general manager of New Orleans television station wlae, which is owned by a Catholic-related organization and has broadcast Sunday Mass since 1984. pbs is considering a proposal to strip affiliation of stations that air church services.
(Source: Current)

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