February (Web-only) 2010

Eliminating Suffering or Eliminating People?
When genetic testing threatens our common humanity.
All Because of Yanci
How a little girl from El Salvador rocked a Christian musician's world—and how he's using that compassion to help earthquake victims in Haiti.
Why Boys Are Failing in the Classroom
The author of 'Why Boys Fail' says females now have an unfair academic advantage in most schools—and that the pendulum needs to swing back.
'Jesus Was a Rebel'
Okay, he was. What's your point?
Q+A: Philip Ryken, Wheaton's Next President
'I want to cultivate a campus-wide community of grace.'
Breathe Deep
Of Men and Angels
Good God! Born Again Funk
True Devotion
Spiritual Songs
Introducing Stuart Townend
American VI: Ain't No Grave
Pregnant Olympians Are Not 'Selfish'
Women like Kristie Moore show that parenting well and taking healthy risks are not mutually exclusive—especially when taking risks means obeying God.
Dearth of Jobs, Death to the Family?
Where others have failed, the church must meet society's looming challenge.
Gay Marriage Leads D.C. Archbishop to End Foster Care Program
Catholic Charities has given its caseload of 43 children, 35 foster families, and 7 staff members to a Maryland-based family-care agency so as not to disrupt client care.
Shutter Island
Martin Scorsese and Leo DiCaprio reunite for a psychological thriller set in post-war America that examines the darkness within.
The Trouble with Twilight
Theology professor Beth Felker Jones suggests Christians should look for hidden messages in the vampire buzz.
Top 10 Posts of the Past 30 Days
In case you missed them the first time, here are the recent posts that got readers talking.
Should Churches Be as Friendly as a Bar?
Perhaps people are looking for something else.
A New Frontier in Pro-Life Stem-Cell Research
FDA-backed Georgia researchers hope stem cells from umbilical cord blood will effectively treat cerebral palsy.
The 2009 CT Critics' Choice Awards
What do a war movie, a hot air balloon, and a post-apocalyptic father-son love story have in common? They're among 2009's best movies, as chosen by CT critics.
Why I'm Giving Up Counting Calories for Lent
The practice has led me to believe, erroneously, that thinness is a virtue.
We Will Overcome
Beautiful Things
Birds, Cages, and Doubts
Deas Vail, anchored by husband-wife duo Wes and Laura Blaylock, isn't afraid to wrestle with the big questions on their new album, Birds and Cages.
Hookup Culture: Mostly a Myth
Last Sunday's NYT piece only perpetuates the idea that college students are hooking up frequently, and that if they aren't, they should be.
I Want to Be Accepted As I Am, But I’ll Take a Cure Too
Why we should consider correcting disabilities.
Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief
If the Harry Potter movies are a rich and nutritious feast, this mythological romp is more like mac & cheese—tasty and fun, but lacking in much substance.
Valentine's Day
The candy equivalent of a conversation heart that reads "UR Sweet" is a nice enough sentiment, but who actually wants to eat one?
Sport Is More Than Play
A response to Shirl Hoffman's "Fanatics."
Considering 'Curing' Down Syndrome with Caution
Why we shouldn't be too quick to think disabilities need correcting.
The Wolfman
Benicio Del Toro plays it straight in a gory remake of Universal's original werewolf movie, but the bloom is off the wolfbane.
Singing Praises in Port-au-Prince
Surprised by joy in the ruins of Haiti's capital.
Female Olympians, Missing in Action
When it comes to female athletes, why does the media have a one-track mind?
Did You Consider Having an Abortion?
The value of Tim Tebow's life is not more than that of any other child.
State Department: Now's Not the Time for Haitian Adoptions
Official says first priority should be placing Haitian children with Haitian families.
For Churches, How Much Risk Is Too Much?
For some leaders, taking steps to prevent disasters is a matter of faithfulness.
The 10 Most Redeeming Films of 2009
What do a lonely widower, a strong woman with a soft heart, and an African leader have in common? They're all key characters in the year's best redemptive movies.
'Songs Still Matter'
After more than two decades in the business, TobyMac still clings to a quaint old mantra—that a song can still penetrate a heart and soothe the soul.
Bridge Carols
Disappearing World
For Those Who Wait
Botox: A Threat to Our National Security
How our cultural fear of aging and dying is giving some terrorists a financial boost.
Why Pope John Paul II Whipped Himself
New book reopens questions on self-denial and "what is lacking in Christ's afflictions."
Saving the Life of a Shaken Baby
Byron and Susan Mondoks' adoption of their granddaughter, abused by her birth father, unearths the meaning of love in action.
Are We Transformed Yet?
Why the spiritually mature don't talk about how God has made them spiritually mature.
Is Self-Promotion Sinful?
A lesson in soul care from J. D. Salinger, who lived in seclusion for a half-century.
Strong on Zeal, Thin in Knowledge
Lessons from Haiti's arrest of American Christians trying to take children out of the country.
When to Leave if You Can't Cleave
Homebound adult children in Italy are called 'big babies.' But can staying at home be a mature choice?
'I Never Wanted a Hard Heart'
Indie rocker David Bazan talks about his loss of faith, his music, and how he sometimes fears he's going to hell.
All About You
Wake Me
Cabin Songs
Reading to Enrich a Child's Soul
In 'Read for the Heart', Sarah Clarkson wants to introduce families to good, true, and beautiful books.
Should Christian Physicians Leave the American Medical Association?
Church leaders and observers weigh in on a current debate.

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Christian Duty in a Spiral Toward Unrest
Christian Duty in a Spiral Toward Unrest
Political violence looms large in our national history, to our shame. It does not have to define our future.

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