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October 2008 2008
Volume 52, Number 10
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Cover Stories

Obama is Making a Lot of Evangelicals Think Twice
Despite his liberal record, Barack Obama is making a lot of evangelicals think twice.
Faith and Hope in Ukraine
How Eastern Europe's most missional evangelical church is rethinking tradition and the Great Commission.
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From Bishop to President in Paraguay
Vatican reluctantly grants Paraguayan Fernando Lugo's request to step down.
The Vatican Gives Orders to Excise <i>Yahweh</i> from Worship
The Vatican gives orders to excise the name from worship. Do Protestants agree?
Hosting the Homeless
A Washington church sparks residents' anger by hosting the homeless.
Passages: Recent Moves in the Evangelical World
Emir Caner to Truett-McConnell, Gordon MacDonald to Denver Seminary, and other transitions.
Tragedy Hits Harvest
Greg Laurie keeps preaching after son's death.
Good News for Homeschoolers, Bad News for Christian Schools
Courts: Good news for homeschoolers, bad news for Christian schools.
Quotation Marks
Recent remarks on leaving Hamas for Jesus, the secular cross, and other news developments.
Warning Signs in Chad
Missionary's ordeal shows country's growing instability.
Go Figure
Black enrollment at Christian colleges, whether abortion views matter in voting, and other news numbers.
Criswell College President Resigns
President resigns, alleging pastor plotted to sell school assets.
Q+A: CEO of the Christian Medical Association
CEO of the Christian Medical Association on fertility treatments and discrimination.
News Briefs: September 02, 2008
Todd Bentley and his wife separate, Christian History & Biography ceases publication, and other news.
Indiana Hope-Filled Film Fest
Indiana film festival finds success highlighting "hope and respect."
Editorial: See No Evil
International religious freedom has been too low a priority.
Editorial: Can We Come to the Party?
Never confuse access to politicians with influence on policy.
Election Night's Direct Democracy Battles
Election night's biggest direct democracy battles.
McCain Talks the Walk
After years of ambiguity, Senator McCain reveals his spiritual side for public viewing. How will evangelicals respond?
Beauty is the Hard-to-Define Essence
Beauty is the hard-to-define essence that draws people to the gospel.
Rick Warren's Global Vision 2.0
Retooling Saddleback's international work and hosting a presidential forum serve a common purpose, says Rick Warren.
Anne Graham Lotz's Magnificent Obsession
Anne Graham Lotz says her success is due to God. Yes. But she is still an extraordinary preacher.
Audio Slideshow: Signs of Faith
Finding Jesus on America's Bible Road.
Minnesota's Feisty Collection of Churches
Minnesota's Twin Cities are home to a feisty collection of influential churches.
Keeping the End in View
How the strange yet familiar doctrine of theosis can invigorate the Christian life.
Q & A: Pushing Boundaries
Kyiv pastor Sunday Adelaja believes the world is his parish.
Lyrics of Hope
Bill Mallonee has been called one of the top 100 songwriters in the world, but an audience is hard to find.
Schooled by the Psalms
Learning to pray is like playing the violin with virtuosos.
Five Ways to Pray the Psalms
An abridged version.
Putting Anglicanism Back Together
Conservatives face huge obstacles in putting Anglicanism back together.
Reflections: Wisdom for Living and Dying
Quotations to stir heart and mind.
Warren: The Only Hope for Monsters
We can't defeat evil in the world without facing the evil in ourselves.
Hsu: Surprised by Disability
Why the parts of the body that seem to be weaker are indispensible.
Obama's Spiritual Journey and Priorities
A seasoned biographer examines Barack Obama's spiritual journey and priorities.
Bookmarks: Three Short Reviews
Short reviews of Looking Before and After, What I Talk About When I Talk About Running, and Paradise Lost.
Coupling Therapy
What daily lovemaking for a year did for one marriage.
How Character Shapes Belief
Top 5 Books: Character Shapes Belief
Music to Raise the Dead
Box set chronicles the Rez Band's mark on CCM history.
Colson: Voting Like It Matters
It's not only our civic duty — it's a sacred one.