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April 2007 2007
Volume 51, Number 4
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Cover Story

Passion Takes It Higher
The most influential annual gathering of young evangelicals plans to go global.
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Religion Sections Deleted
But newspaper observers say religion reporting will endure.
UK Gay Adoption
UK sexual orientation regulations on adoption stir debate among Christians.
Passages: Metzger, Haugen, and Others
Remembering Bruce Metzger; Ponzi scheme sentences; Gary Haugen selected; and other items.
Myanmar: 'Destroy the Christian Religion'
Campaign against Christians presses problem with refugee resettlement.
Nigeria's Touchy Transition
Christians anticipate next president with mix of reservation and fear.
Ireland's Evangelical Moment
Irish national identity has eroded, making room for Protestants.
Quotation Marks
Comments on smear campaigns, being a chaplain in Iraq, religious life in China, and other stories.
PCUSA Ready to Implode?
PCUSA congregations prepare shift to Evangelical Presbyterian Church.
Go Figure
Focus on the Family's giving, the chaplain shortage, and medical ethics.
Q&A: Mohler
On recovery from life-threatening pulmonary emboli and lessons learned.
News Briefs
Medi-Share, British Airways' jewelry policy, and Gaza Baptist Church.
Changes in Bizarre-istan
Death of self-styled autocrat gives hope to isolated Christians.
Church Divorce Done Right
Denominational splits just aren't what they used to be.
Editorial: Requiring HPV Vaccines
Why mandating the HPV vaccine is not a good idea.
Religious Iraq
We remain woefully ignorant about the world's second-largest religion.
Embedded with Islamists
A year in Pakistan gave me a glimpse of what Christian witness might look like today.
Schaeffer's Legacy of Tears
Let's remember Francis Schaeffer's most crucial legacy--tears.
The Road to Healing
Battling homosexual attraction one day at a time.
Gushee: Workplace Justice
There's more to workplace justice than good intentions.
Witte: How Christ Meets Us
Why the risen Jesus met people in five different ways--and still does.
Luther: Facing Death
Martin Luther's advice on preparing to die.
Peru's Poisoned Children
How American and Peruvian Christians teamed up when factory pollutants were poisoning children.
Anglicans' Global Ultimatum
The larger meaning of Anglican leaders' demand that the Episcopal Church change its ways.
Reflections: Resurrected Life
Quotations about Easter to stir heart and mind.
Tennant: Desire Happens
You see, you want. Then what?
Carter - a Man of Peace?
Ex-President Carter's new book is both misleading and dangerous.
Freedom in National Emergencies
How much freedom should we give up in national emergencies?
Interview: Mark Buchanan
Mark Buchanan examines the fruit of spiritual disciplines.
Bookmark: <i>The Blind Side</i>
The Blind Side of faith and sports.
Bookmark: <i>The Most Famous Man in America</i>
The Most Famous Man in America follows the preacher through his late-life scandal.
Bookmark: <i>The Great Theft</i>
The Great Theft says moderate Muslims should take Islam back from extremists.
Switchfoot: Surfing for Spirituality
Switchfoot's Oh! Gravity keeps door open for questions.
Bookmark: <i>Holman Illustrated Study Bible</i>
The Holman Illustrated Study Bible focuses on the "fifth gospel."
Bookmark: <i>Globalizing Theology</i>
Globalizing Theology for a polycentric church.
Bookmark: <i>Creation as Science</i>
Hugh Ross incorporates common sense into the debate in Creation as Science.
CTI's Myra and Robbins Retire
Harold Myra and Paul Robbins may retire--but their legacy won't.