February (Web-only) 2002

The Growing Legacy of The Choir
The Lowdown on Downloads
The Lowdown on Downloads
"Now that Napster is all but dead, Christian music companies are the first to try its model for profit"
Nights of the Living Dead
Nights of the Living Dead
Do horror films help us conquer our fears, or merely exploit them?
Coming to a Screen Near You
Coming to a Screen Near You
"Cloud Ten moves beyond end-times fare, and The Count of Monte Cristo brings swashbuckling into a new millennium"
No Longer Just a Rock Band
No Longer Just a Rock Band
The CCM culture awakens to the praise within Third Day’s songs
Does Creationism Equal Holocaust Denial?
Yes, says Michael Shermer in Scientific American.
The Gayby Boom
Plus: A confession in the Graham Staines murder
Sesame Street Gets Religion
Plus: More on the faith-based initiative, Pat Robertson's oil woes, gay Jabez readers, and other stories from around the world.
Is There Really a Christian Music Boom?
The Gospel Music Association says so, but their numbers hide the mass exodus of talented bands from the Christian Music industry
Here Comes (Yawn) the Senate Faith-Based Initiative Bill
Plus: Dobson speaks on the TNIV, the Burnham video online, and other stories from around the world.
In Perspective: What is the Falun Gong?
And why does the Chinese government want to destroy it?
'People of the Book' Are Reading Very Different Texts
Plus: Allowing pastors to preach politics, and various challenges to God's omnipresence.
Readers Respond to A Walk to Remember
After last week's critical mix on A Walk to Remember, readers and viewers turn in their own views. Plus: Critical views on Birthday Girl and Slackers, and Part Two of our 2002 Preview.
You Can Pray If You Want To
A 1977 interview with Jesse Jackson
Bush Backs Senate Faith-Based Initiative Bill
Plus: World says Zondervan has lost its saltiness, and other stories from around the world.
Alternative Religions
Many non- and semi-Christian groups laid claim to the West, but none more successfully than the Mormons.
Dictionary of the Future
Trendspotter Faith Popcorn on the words that will define our tomorrow
The TNIV Battle Continues
Dobson and others launch Kept the Faith to accuse TNIV creators of violating their word and God's.
Hold On to Your Bible
Plus: Wouldn't you like to be anti-Pepper too? And other stories from around the Web.
The Shiny, Happy Olympics
Coverage of Salt Lake City's games focuses on who isn't evangelizing.
Firing Law School Dean Costs Trinity International University Millions
Gift would have made divinity school tuition-free. Plus: religion vs. racing and more stories from around the world.
The Sickness and Health of Modern Marriage
PBS's Marriage: Just a Piece of Paper? recognizes the historic crisis of unions, but the picture is not without hope.
The Difference Between Christianity and Islam in a Controversial Nutshell
Plus: “In God We Trust” goes to school, and an untold Olympics scandal.
Violent Movies, Violent Reviews
What Christian critics are saying about Rollerball, Collateral Damage, Monster's Ball, Big Fat Liar, The Devil's Backbone, Italian for Beginners—and Roger Ebert.
Politics May Splinter NRB
Christian broadcasters may sack incoming president or bolt the organization.
Canadian Politician's Talking to Evangelicals Gets Him in Trouble
Plus: No Commandments in Virginia schools, Slate’s swipe at Intelligent Design, and other stories from around the Internet and around the world.
Citius, Altius, Sanctus
The modern Olympics, though hardly Christian, hail from an era when athleticism was next to godliness.
New NRB President Resigns
Christian broadcasters divided over politics-religion controversy.
Dial M For Messianic Jews
Plus: Do boys or their teachers misunderstand Jesus? And the latest news on Martin and Gracia Burnham.
Saint Frodo and the Potter Demon
The Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter series spring from the same source.
Powell Under Fire for Advocating Different Kind of Defense Shield
Plus: Hindus attack Indian church, nation’s fourth-largest international charity accused of continued impropriety, and other stories.
Ohio Has Designs on Science Standards
State may be the first to add intelligent design to education mandates.
Presbyterians Defeat Homosexual Ordination Proposal
Plus: Ralph Reed’s efforts to get religious groups to help Enron, a faith-based failure in D.C., and other stories.
Freedom to Think, Fly, and Fight the System
What Christian critics are saying about John Q, Iris, Hart’s War, Crossroads, and Return to Never Land.
Papers Think Vouchers Will Win Supreme Court Battle
Plus: More on China’s religious persecution, Brazil’s Workers Party courts evangelicals, and other stories from around the world.
In Alabama Supreme Court Decision, Chief Justice Roy Moore Rants Against Homosexuality
Plus: The lion lies down with the oryx, and other stories from around the world.
The Cremation Question
Firm belief in resurrection hasn’t kept Christians from caring—and arguing—about what happens to the bodies of the dead.
Science Holds a Meeting
A report from the annual convention of the AAAS.
Ashcroft, Robertson Attacked for Comments on the War Against Terrorism
But Attorney General says Islam promotes freedom, while broadcaster says Muslims in America are planning destruction.
Archbishop Proposes to Die in Place of Woman Sentenced to Stoning
Okogie’s offer is a protest against Nigeria’s Islamic Shari‘ah law.
The Slave Redemption Hoax
Plus: ABWE missionaries may sue government for Peru shooting, and other stories.
Bush: 'I'm One of Them'
Religious persecution allegations set the stage for George Bush's visit to China.
A Lead in a Famous Mormon Massacre Case, 145 Years Later
Plus: Supreme Court will almost certainly allow door-to-door witnessing, Texas Baptists duel over missionaries, many links on abuse in churches, and other stories from around the world.
Death Is Alive and Well at the Movies
What critics are saying about Dragonfly, Queen of the Damned, Last Orders, The Son's Room, and How to Kill Your Neighbor's Dog.
Mike Warnke, Christian Solidarity International Respond to Hoax Claims. (Actually, They Don't.)
Plus other stories from around the world
Nixon Still Haunts Billy Graham
Evangelist's 1972 comments with president called anti-Semitic. Plus many more stories from around the world.
Translation Wars
Sharp as debate over the TNIV may be, the version's translators are getting off easy compared to John Wycliffe and William Tyndale.
N.Y. Prolifers See Partial Victory
New York attorney general withdraws subpoenas targeting crisis pregnancy centers.
City on a Hill: Sing Alleluia

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In Succor and Silence
In Succor and Silence
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