Salem Communications
Services: Uses corporate networks and Internet Service Providers, instead of just one central server, to send radio streams to listeners.
Pro: Less traffic to Salem's servers means fewer costs, more streams (even video).
Con: Workplaces may not like to carry Salem's load for on-the-job listeners.

EMI Christian Music Group

Site: (Coming in March 2002)
Services: Subscription service (March 2002) allows downloading and recording songs from nation's largest Christian music company.
Pro: It's the first such service attempt from any major music label, Christian or otherwise.
Con: EMI's first online effort, jukebox-like, hasn't attracted many users.

Music City
Services: Napster heir isn't uniquely Christian (if even ethical), but its ceo founded Christian labels and headed EMI Christian Music Group.
Pro: It's free, much bigger than Napster ever was, and still around.
Con: A pending lawsuit will decide if it's as legal as Napster was.

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