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Canadian politics:

Church and state:

Faith-based initiative:

Religion and schools:

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  • Scholar says God being purged from history | A scholar who spent 18 years studying original manuscripts of the founding fathers says the federal government is actively revising American history, erasing the impact religion had on them and history. (The Clay Center Dispatch, Kansas)

  • GOP renews push on school choice | Many proposals floating around, Congressman urges proponents to rally around one (The Washington Times)


  • Unintelligible redesign | This is the way creationism ends. Not with a bang, but with a whimper. (William Saletan,

  • Bush panel mulls therapeutic cloning | The President's Council on Bioethics has abandoned any hope of consensus on the ethics of human cloning for the purpose of medical research and treatments, as members remain deeply divided over the moral status of a human embryo (Associated Press)

  • US facing exodus of stem cell experts | Bush restrictions may lead scientists to move to Britain (The Times, London)

War and peace:


Catholic-Orthodox rift in Russia:

  • Catholic, Orthodox ties reach new low | By setting up a full-fledged Catholic Church in Russia, the pope has shed all but a few of the ecumenical niceties in the Vatican's approach to the Russian Orthodox Church and has raised new questions about a papal visit. (The Moscow Times)

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Christian higher education:


Sex and marriage:

Missions & ministry:


Christians and Jews:

  • Christians who hate the Jews | The Archbishop of Wales is among Churchmen worried that opposition to Israel is motivated by anti-Semitism rooted deep in Christian theology (Melanie Phillips, The Spectator, London)

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  • Ban the Koran | And while you're at it, better nix the Talmud and the Bible too (Alexander Cockburn,

  • Magazine banned over Prophet image | Several Muslim countries have banned the latest issue of the Newsweek magazine, warning that depiction of the Prophet Mohammad in it could spark a widespread anger among Muslims (BBC)

Pop culture:

Chicago parishes lose, then keep pastors:

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St. Paul's Cathedral:

  • St Paul's reveals a fresh new look | Three hundred years of grime have been removed from the intricate stonework friezes and swags of Sir Christopher Wren's creation using vacuum cleaning, sponging, brushing and the application of latex "face packs" that lift away dirt. (The Daily Telegraph)

  • Earlier: Christian History Corner: Thrills, Chills, Architecture? | The most exciting adventure at St. Paul's Cathedral would be a time-traveling jaunt through its history. (Elesha Coffman, Christianity Today)

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