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December 6 1999, 1999
Volume 43, Number 14
December 6
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Cover Stories

Where Would Civilization Be Without Christianity?  The Gift of Dignity
Where would civilization be today without Christian notions of compassion and solidarity?
Where Would Civilization Be Without Christianity?  The Gift of Science
Science, as we think of it today, came about because Reformers believed that God revealed himself in nature.
Where Would Civilization Be Without Christianity?  The Gift of Literacy
In many parts of the world, the birth of literacy coincides with the arrival of Christian missionaries.
Where Would Civilization Be Without Christianity?  The Gift of Humility
Christianity has made a difference by surrounding the use of power with humility
Where Would Civilization Be Without Christianity?  The Gift of Mission
The act of translating and enculturating the gospel has been Christianity's greatest contribution to human civilization.
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Moscow Meeting Eases Russia's Interchurch Tensions
First major interchurch meeting since 1997 religion law called 'highly important'
The Grove Press Bible
A former porn publisher gets in the Good Book biz
Positive About Potter
Despite what you've heard, Christian leaders like the children's books.
Lord's Prayer a Musical Hit in United Kingdom
Cliff Richard's rejected recording reaches number one
Jailed Sudanese Priests Reject presidential Amnesty
Clerics waiting for 'total acquittal' by courts
Ministries Intensify As East Timorese Refugee Camps Grow
Evangelicals working furiously to meet physical and spiritual needs
Two Major Philippine Churches Sign Agreement for Closer Links
Reformed and Catholic-influenced denominations working toward full union
Leading German Bishop Says Church Will Bow to Rome in Abortion Controversy
Church's participation in abortion counseling will end
Tashkent Christian Threatened with Two-Year Prison Term
Nukus church registration blocked by Uzbek authorities
New Delhi Center Dedicated to Princess Di's Wish to End 'Stigma' of Leprosy
$1.43 million center aimed at education and media
Homosexual Group Institutes Award for Straight Religious Leaders
Former United Church of Christ president receives first award for championing gay rights
Amassed Media: Evolution Wars
What Christian and mainstream presses are saying about the origins debate and its history.
First United Nations 'Spiritual Summit' Planned
1,000 of world's spiritual leaders to meet in August 2000
Jerusalem's Church Leaders Usher in Millennium Celebrations
Protestant, Catholic, and Orthdox heads pray in Manger Square
Help Us Develop Our Souls Mandela Tells World Religious Leaders
Former South Africa president awarded by Parliament of the World's Religions
Australian Church Agrees to Run Controversial Room for Injecting Drugs
Uniting Church steps in after Catholics withdraw under Vatican pressure
Leading Catholic Theologian Outlines His Vision of Next Pope
Church needs a reforming pope, especially regarding sexual ethics, says Hans Kung
Campbell Remains Optimistic As She Looks to Life After the NCC
Retiring general secretary leaving behind an organization in financial crisis
Amassed Media: God Bless America's Candidates
What the religious and mainstream presses are saying about religion on the campaign trail and other issues
Plans for Meeting Between Baptist Jewish Heads Called Off
SBC President says Jewish leaders 'simply wanted opportunity to bash Southern Baptists'
One Denomination at Its Best and Worst
Ban May Go to Supreme Court
JESUS Film Debuts on DVD
JESUS has gone high tech.
Ned Graham’s Woes Shake East Gates
Resignations follow allegations, divorce
Texas Southern Baptists: Submission Rejected
State convention counters SBC marriage statement.
Brazil: Scholars Debate Mission Methods
Scholars fault Western approaches to evangelism, advocate a new vision for spreading the gospel.
Homosexuality: Falwell Tames His Tongue
Moral Majority founder promises to tone down anti-gay speech at meeting with homosexuals.
Violence Mars Bonnke's Revival
Arrested Christians Face Deportation
Alabama: An Education Gamble
After defeating an Alabama lottery-for-schools plan, Christians ponder how to improve public education.
Buddhism: Spirituality Without Religion
More Christians attracted to Dalai Lama's teachings.
More of the Same
Beyond the church's pushing together and pulling apart lies hope.
Redeeming Fire
The ambition and avarice of Henry Lyons could save the National Baptists
Reflections on Christmas
Classic and contemporary excerpts
No Room in the Womb?
Couples with high-risk pregnancies face the 'selective reduction' dilemma.
Why We Still Need Moody
The man who invented modern evangelicalism.
Fatherhood on the Rebound
What we can learn from the real history of basketball.
Meditations: Drive-Through Christmas
The irony is that in our rush toward Christmas, we truncate the celebration.
Cassie Said Yes, They Say No
"They can throw this all around, but I was there. Reporters or investigators can't tell me how it went."—Craig Scott
Dispatch From Sierra Leone: Suckled on Gunpowder
Rescuing children with blood on their hands.
Is Christmas Pagan?
Long before Constantine, Christians found ways to redeem local cultures and salvage those elements that naturally pointed to Christ.
The Abortion Debate Is Over
Pro-lifers overestimated the average American's allegiance to logic.
Elegy for a Jesus Freak
"These are the ultimate Jesus Freaks—the people who are willing to die for their faith."—Toby McKeehen of dc Talk
Making Room for God
Two routes to divine encounters.
New & Noteworthy: Church History
Recent and important releases that will shape evangelical thought
Doctor’s Orders
Why should I care if my doctor is unhappy? I'm not his psychiatrist.