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August 9 1999, 1999
Volume 43, Number 9
August 9
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Cover Story

Redeeming Sudan's Slaves
Americans are becoming instant abolitionists. But is the movement backfiring?
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A Postmodern Ezekiel
Michael Maudlin, Managing Editor
Howard-Browne Takes New York
Human Embryo Research Resisted
Homosexuality: Presbyterians Hold Firm on Fidelity
Homosexual ordination under study until 2001.
South Koreans Help Neighbors
Baptist School Taps Catholic
Catholics Accept Protestant Baptisms
Will Pax TV Survive Second Season?
Family-friendly network faces survival test.
Europe: East Germany Churches Falter
Can I Get a Witness?
Candidate testimonies must move beyond piety to policy.
Good News for the Lost, Imprisoned, Abducted, and Enslaved
Lawyers and investigators at the International Justice Mission have learned that sharing the gospel means going into the heart of darkness.
The Greatest Story Never Read
Recovering biblical literacy in the church.
I Love to Tell the Story to Those Who Know It Least
Biblical preaching in a post-Christian culture.
Is Marriage Made in Heaven?
What's in a Name?
Why we shouldn't call the Old Testament the 'Hebrew Scriptures.'
Let’s Get Physical
Motus O uses the human body to reveal the soul.
Peretti Out-Grishams Grisham
God and the Devil in the summer blockbusters.
How Evil Became Cool
The Littleton killers were mirroring in grotesque action what the adult culture advocates in abstract concepts.