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4 Incredible Christian Women Who Changed India
How a social reformer, a lawyer, a doctor, and a peacemaker changed the subcontinent.
22,000 Indian Christians Peacefully Protest Rising Persecution at Historic Delhi Gathering
Leaders demand the government crack down on violence against the church: “We are not asking for anything out of the ordinary.”
India Prefers Baby Boys. Are Its Christians Any Different?
For most, daughters are “expenditures”; sons are “investments.” Leaders from across the country weigh in.
Arranged or Not, Indian Christians Praise God for Their Marriages
What husbands and wives think of others' unions and what they'd recommend for their children.
With Gossip of the Gospel, the Church Grows in Nepal
Conversions credited to women evangelists sharing the good news one-on-one in conversations.
Throwing Sesame Seeds and Burning Off Sins
Indian Christian theologians weigh in on the Sikh winter festival of Lohri vs. the Refiner’s fire.
Recant or Leave: Mobs Expel Christians in Central India
Hindu extremists in Chhattisgarh destroy churches and homes and attack tribal believers.
One of India’s Most Christian States Legalized Gambling. Church Leaders Said No.
Meghalaya’s decision to open casinos brings together faith groups and social organizations against the government.
Orissa’s Christian Widows Struggle to Survive
Nearly 15 years after a brutal massacre, victims struggle to overcome trauma and poverty.
What South Asian Christians Do During Diwali
Festival of Lights marking the Hindu new year brings invitations to Jesus followers in India, Nepal, and neighboring nations.
Distinguishing Scripture from Hindu Mythology
Indian Christians grapple with heresies and cultural confusion.
Save the Girl: India’s Christians Lead Hindus, Muslims, and Sikhs on Ending Gendercide
With 9 million girls “missing” due to sex-selective abortions over the past two decades, Pew report examines changes in “son preference” or “daughter aversion” among India’s biggest faiths.
Father Stan Swamy: Courageous Indian Priest Accused of Terrorism
He fought the government over how it treated its most vulnerable. They hit back.
Indian National Day of Prayer Raises Tricolor and Red Flags
Hundreds of churches bless the world’s largest democracy as India celebrates 75 years of independence amid its many growing pains.
Dalit Christians Fill the Indian Church’s Pews. Not Its Pulpits.
Persistent caste discrimination holds believers from India’s most vulnerable community back.
India’s First Lay Martyr Fought the Caste System. Now He’s a Saint.
Pope Francis has canonized Devasahayam, a convert from upper caste Hinduism to Christianity.
India’s Anticonversion Laws Loophole
The government didn’t have the votes to pass a controversial bill in Karnataka. So it found another way.
Indian Christians Discuss Different Reports on Persecution
Evangelical Fellowship of India panel responds to Pew research as annual tally of religious freedom violations gets released.
Nepal Churches Struggle to Serve as COVID-19 Kills 100+ Pastors
Amid a second wave of infections, Christian leaders wrestle with leadership vacuum and how openly to raise funds to aid neighbors under a suspicious government.
Pew: What India’s Christians, Hindus, Muslims and More Think About Religion
(UPDATED) Pew surveys 30,000 Indians across 6 faiths and 17 languages and finds support for tolerance yet also segregation.