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1 in 3 Latino Protestants Report Interacting with the Dead
Catholicism, Protestantism, and indigenous culture shape the interpretation of these experiences and how people relate to those who have passed away.
Argentina Takes Next Step in Officially Honoring Evangelicals. They Want More.
Protestants are grateful for Reformation Day celebrations—and wonder if they'll ever get religious equality.
Scores Killed in Blast at Gaza’s Only Christian Hospital
The fatal explosion hit a well-known facility run by Anglicans—and formerly by Southern Baptists—“in the middle of one of the world’s most troubled places.”
Rasool Berry Sees Christianity Today Making an ‘Earnest Attempt’ to Expand the Tent
“Christianity Today is a beacon of light, demonstrating what it can look like to amplify the voices of those who aren’t typically heard.”
Haitian Gangs Are a Major Threat. Last Week, a Church Fought Back.
Evangelicals lament the circumstances but say a syncretistic pastor’s faith-driven counterattack was unwise.
Maui Fires Burn Site Where Hawaiian Queen First Brought Christianity to the Island
Once the capital of the Hawaiian kingdom, Lahaina was home to Maui's first church and seminary.
He Built a University, Sheltered Fleeing People, and Worked for Peace in Congo. Then He Was Arrested.
The government detained Lazare Sebitereko Rukundwa in June and is holding him without charges.
Glenn and Annette Pearson Want Christianity Today to Outlive Them
“There’s a truthfulness and integrity—yet compassion—in what CT does for the global church.”
Christians Are Asking ChatGPT About God. Is This Different From Googling?
Experts from around the world explain the consequences of the AI revolution for believers on and off the internet.
After 18 Years on Christianity Today’s Board, Darryl King Says He’s a ‘Lifelong Friend’ of the Ministry
The hall-of-fame hurdler turned business leader turned pastor on what his years of service meant to him.
Why Chinese Immigrant Pastors Avoid Preaching on the News
On Sunday mornings, congregations tend to focus on Scripture over current events, even after last month’s Lunar New Year shooting.
Read the Winners of Christianity Today’s Second International Essay Contest
Wisdom, perspective, and theological understanding from Spanish, Portuguese, French, Chinese, and Indonesian writers.
Died: Francis Sunderaraj, Indian Evangelical Leader Who Encouraged Education
Under his leadership, a popular Sunday school curriculum was translated into 32 languages and dialects.
'Christianity Today Models How to Live Out One's Faith in the World'
Entrepreneur and investor Tim Jenkins reads widely. Here's what impresses him about CT.
How the Persecuted Church Wants You to Pray
Leaders in six countries explain how Christians can best support and rejoice with fellow believers suffering for their faith.
With a Small Shift in Evangelical Votes, Brazil Elects Lula
Left-wing challenger directly addressed Christian concerns in final days of runoff.
Africa’s Worst Famine in Decades Threatens Family Unity and Human Dignity
The plight of herding communities facing hunger echoes Old Testament examples.
Should Christians Own Guns for Self-Defense? A Global Snapshot
Leaders in nine nations explain how they think theologically and biblically about personal safety as mass shootings plague the world.
The Kenyan Presidential Election Is Over. The Conversation About Christians and Politics Has Just Begun.
William Ruto credited God and church leaders for his victory. Should this be the model?
Counting the Cost of Paying Ransoms for Missionaries
A Haiti kidnapping raises questions about no-payment practices.