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A Tribute to a Quiet Baseball Star in an Age of Christian Celebrity
Instead of flashy religiosity, Tim Wakefield had a privately influential faith.
We Live in Babylon, Not Israel
Biblical history reminds Christians to serve and build a kingdom not of this world.
How Americans Got Away with Abortion Before ‘Roe v. Wade’
Looking ahead, Christians should focus less on enforcement than on changing cultural attitudes.
The Pro-Life Conviction of the Hodge Brothers
Experiencing death led Hugh and Charles Hodge to fight for the unborn, using science and systematic theology.
The Dark History of Abortion Doctors
To reach pro-choice frontliners, pro-life advocates must understand their motives.
What Came Before the Ultrasound–and What Comes After
From word pictures to video games, prenatal visualization technology has expanded our empathy for the unborn.
These Pastors Fell into Sin. Pro-Life Laws Emerged from It.
Three 19th-century scandals led to the protection of women and their unborn children.
A Gadfly in the House
Amid all the pulse takers and poll watchers in Congress, Rep. Henry Hyde, who died this morning, was more interested in being right than in being popular.
Toward Solutions
A Roundtable on Christian Stewardship and Public Policy in the Inner City