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Are Pro-Life Laws Working?
The national abortion rate rose slightly after Dobbs but plummeted in states with abortion restrictions.
Kids’ Access to Porn Is a Problem. Are State Laws the Solution?
As some Christian advocates fight for age verification, others say it’s parents’ responsibility to monitor.
Why Prison Ministries Are Growing
Adaptations for COVID-19 are helping Christians reach incarcerated people, with eager cooperation from government officials.
Paid Content Jesus Celebrated Hanukkah, So Why Don’t We?
Learning more about Jewish customs can enrich our faith and strengthen the church.
Why Should Pastors Get All the Good Theology Textbooks?
Churches across the country are reclaiming theological education to make it available to everyone.
Ghosted Again? Pastors Respond to Disappearing Congregants
Church leaders are seeking fresh ways to prevent "backdoor exits" and adapt to shifting membership.
Pro-Life Ob-Gyns: Ectopic Pregnancy, Miscarriage Care Will Continue After Roe
Even if the pills and procedures seem similar to elective abortion, doctors know the difference between treatment when a pregnancy ends and treatment to end a pregnancy.
$100M Ad Campaign Aims to Make Jesus the ‘Biggest Brand in Your City’
“He Gets Us,” an effort to attract skeptics and cultural Christians, launches nationally this month. But Christians still have questions about how the church markets faith.
Birth Behind Bars: Christians Fight ‘Cruel,’ Outdated Prison Policies
Ministry efforts aim to induce change and offer care for the growing number of new moms separated from their babies due to incarceration.
What’s Lost When Prison Mail Goes Digital?
Christian ministries are concerned about the Biden administration’s efforts to expand a Trump program of scanning letters.
Evangelical Colleges Join Effort to Promote Faith in the Vaccine
A campaign to educate campuses about COVID-19 vaccination shifts from persuading the hesitant to making it easier for the willing.
‘Pray Away the Gay’ Has Gone Away. Why Are Governments Trying to Stop It?
Nations around the globe are pushing bans on conversion therapy, some without defining what it is.
Patrons’ Saints: Christians Turn to Patreon, Substack, and Kickstarter
As more evangelical figures embrace crowdfunding, is the format demanding too much of them?
Why There Are So Many ‘Miraculous’ Stories of Bibles Surviving Disaster
When Scripture makes it through flood or fire, we see signs of a faith that endures.
US Megachurches Are Getting Bigger and Thinking Smaller
Church growth has corresponded with a huge jump in multisite locations and deeper engagement in small groups.
Former Liberty Athletics Official Wrestles for Virginia Congressional Seat
Bob Good rallies pastors and fellow Trump supporters with what he calls “biblical conservatism.”
Anglican Property Wins Don’t Put an End to Legal Disputes
Breakaway congregations in South Carolina and Texas continue protracted fight with the Episcopal Church.
Christians Fight to Bring Adopted Kids Home from Overseas
The pandemic left families stranded, plans delayed, and some adoptions called off entirely, following a year of historic lows and increased government regulations.
Welcome, New Pastor, to Our Empty Church
Congregations and pastoral candidates are adapting the hiring process and getting to know each other online.
There’s a New Kind of Pregnancy Center on the Block
Today’s generation of Christian leaders is making the movement more effective by taking a broader look at community dynamics.