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Pakistan Christians Burned to Death in Islamist Attacks
14 believers reportedly killed; more than 100 homes burned in Gojra town, Korian village.
Whose Law in Afghanistan?
High-profile apostasy case highlights legal contradictions.
Vietnam Jams Hmong Christian Radio Broadcasts
Government tries to curb spread of Protestant Christianity along Chinese border.
Nigeria: Churches Challenge Islamic Law
Christians plan to take shari'a to court.
Authorities Destroy 'Church' in Vietnam
Crude structure in Ho Chi Minh City slum had been erected only hours earlier.
Qatar: Religious Freedom Gains New Foothold
Catholic church established in principle.
Religious Freedom Act: One Year Later
Little progress seen so far, but advocates see hope for future
New Coptic Church Forcibly Closed
Christians Jailed, Abused, Deported
Christians Jailed, Abused, Deported
China’s Leaders Critical of ’Clandestine’ Missions