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The Key to Fighting Sex Trafficking? Showing Up.
Indonesia's Compassion First isn’t knocking down doors, but caring for victims and tutoring at-risk youth living in cemeteries.
India Says It Has a Border Crisis. Christians Say the Solution Will Divide Them.
The government plans to close its porous border with Myanmar to boost security, separating ethnic groups that straddle the boundary.
After Taiwan’s Powerful Earthquake, Christian Aid Groups Work to Rebuild Lives
On an island where Buddhist disaster relief is prominent, Christians work with churches to care for children and families.
Should the Bible Sound Like the Language in the Streets?
Controversy over Bibles in Jamaica, the Philippines, and Germany reveal the divide between the sacred and the relatable.
Family, Dumplings, and Jesus? Christians Navigate Mongolian New Year
Believers are learning how to celebrate and evangelize amid Tsagaan Sar's Buddhism-infused rituals.
Indian and Chinese Cultures Favor Baby Boys. Here’s How Immigrant Churches Counsel Expectant Couples
Honor-shame dynamics color how Christians have these sensitive conversations.
How Old Is Too Old to Lead a Church?
Six Asian church leaders discuss whether it’s wise for congregations to set age limits for senior pastors.
Chinese Christians Use Zoom for Church. Their Government Is Making That Harder.
Pastors are looking to new options as technical difficulties plague their go-to video conferencing platform.
Chinese House Churches Find Hope for Gospel Growth Amid Post-Pandemic Turmoil
As China deals with economic woes, religious restrictions, and mass exodus, ministries see an opportunity.
Give Me Yesus: Indonesia Replaces Arabic Name for Christ
Beginning next year, the largest Muslim country in the world will use the Bahasa name for Christian holidays.
Do Christians Belong in Southeast Asia? Pew Polled Buddhists and Muslims
[UPDATED] New religion survey of 13,000 adults across six nations examines conversion, karma, and compatibility with national identity.
As Mongolia Catholics Welcome Francis, Evangelicals Wrestle with Growing Pains
Recent revival has brought Protestant churches more members. But what Mongolian Christian leaders want most is more disciples.
A Taiwanese Chip Maker Came to Phoenix. A Chinese Church Saw an Opportunity.
Local Christians are working together to bring the gospel to workers at the semiconductor plant.
The Word Made Fresh: Taglish Bible Translation Brings Streets of Manila into Church
After 16 years and plenty of controversy, the Philippine Bible Society completes its Pinoy Version.
For Years, This Christian NGO Worked with Muslims in Myanmar. Then Came Cyclone Mocha.
Long-term relationships helped the group aid the Rohingya while the UN and others were shut out.
Chinese Christians Seeking Asylum Fly to US
UPDATED: After arrest in Bangkok, the “Mayflower church” leaves for America.
Bhutanese Nepali Refugees Turn Their Trials into Zeal for Evangelism
Thousands found Jesus while displaced, which prepared them to plant churches and settle in a new land.
‘Pray for the End of the Dictatorship’: The Cries of Myanmar’s Christians
Pleas to God for unity, justice, and the strength to survive.
A Scottish Farmer Started the World’s First Chinese-Language Magazine
Before he died at age 37, missionary William Milne had produced a publication promoting Christianity, science, and general knowledge.
Should Christians Support Indonesia Criminalizing Cohabitation and Extramarital Sex?
Local leaders weigh in on the Muslim-majority nation’s new penal code and whether governments should legislate morality.