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CT’s Top 10 Most-Read Christmas Stories

Here are the Christmas articles that readers love most, year after year.
CT’s Top 10 Most-Read Christmas Stories

10. The Real Saint Nicholas
The story of Santa Claus’s namesake.

Image: oriontrail/Shutterstock

9. Why December 25?
For the church’s first three centuries, Christmas wasn’t in December—or on the calendar at all.

Image: enciktepstudio/Shutterstock

8. Hallmark Christmas Movies: ‘Guilty Pleasure’ No More
The good-hearted holiday films prove more popular—and more lovable— than we assume.

Image: Marcel Williams / Copyright 2015 Crown Media United States, LLC

7. How We Forgot the Poverty of Christmas
The Incarnation is not a story we can package or market. It is also the greatest story ever told.

Image: Melanie Defazio / Stocksy

6. ‘The Purpose of Christmas’
What are you celebrating this Christmas?

Image: Chad Madden / Lightstock

5. Why Santa Belongs in Your Kids’ Christmas
I’m tired of hearing Christian parents use the SATAN anagram. St. Nick was a saint.

Image: greglobinski / Flickr

4. The Real 12 Days of Christmas
Celebrating Christ’s birth with saints of the faith during the actual Christmas season.

Image: Edwin and Jennifer Woodruff Tait

3. Why Do We Have Christmas Trees?
The history behind evergreens, ornaments, and holiday gift giving.

Image: TongRo Images / Thinkstock

2. Five Errors to Drop from Your Christmas Sermon
If you want to help people see Christmas with fresh eyes, start by dropping these familiar fallacies.

Image: Abraham Bloemaert / Wikimedia Commons

1. Kirsten Powers: Becoming a Christian Ruined My Love of Christmas
But then I learned to see the beauty of Christ’s coming like never before.

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