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In Case You Missed It: Blogs We've Updated Lately

New info on Hobby Lobby's 'major victory,' same-sex marriage in Britain, fetal-pain abortion bans, and more.

We tweet news updates to past Gleanings items. But in case you're not one of our more than 128,000 Twitter followers (and really, why aren't you?), here's what you missed this week:

(Editor's note: This is NOT a roundup of the new blogs we've posted lately, so it shouldn't replace your daily reading!)

Was Wendy's Celebrity-Making Stand against Fetal Pain Ban All for Naught?
Update: Even after one senator's half-day filibuster, Texas lawmakers approve abortion restrictions in special session.

Britain Legalizes Same-Sex Marriages After Church of England Backs Down
Update: After Queen grants approval, Britain legalizes same-sex marriages.

New Wave of Fetal-Pain Abortion Bans Faces Court Scrutiny
First State Bans Abortions Based on Down Syndrome, Gender
Update: Federal judge blocks North Dakota's new ban on abortions after as few as six weeks of pregnancy.

Hobby Lobby Solidifies 'Major Victory' against HHS Contraceptive Mandate
Update: No challengers should have 'their legs cut out from under them,' says court in temporarily banning enforcement.

Record Baptisms in Iran Overshadowed by Church Closure as Presidential Election Looms
Update: Iranian pastor 'silent' after release from jail, even as eight Iranian Christians sentenced for supposedly threatening the state.

Churches Ransacked as Rebels Take Over Central African Republic
Update: Looting by rebels strips Bible Society office of cash and damages Bibles on eve of dedication.

North Carolina Aims to Restrict Abortions—as Part of Anti-Shari'ah Bill
Update: New version of bill—sans abortion restrictions—now heads to governor for approval.

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