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Bring Donald Miller to Your Small Group!

New DVD series, with Miller and guests, sparks good questions and discussions

I recently received three DVDs called "Convergence" – not movies or TV programming, but helpful discussion starters featuring Donald Miller (Blue Like Jazz) holding conversations with a number of thoughtful Christians (Phyllis Tickle, Lauren Winner, Tremper Longman, Dan Allender).

The videos are meant to be used in small-group settings, and I've already "beta" tested the first one – "Breaking the Ice: Learning to Share Our Stories" – with our own couples Bible study group. Other than Miller's interesting interview with Tickle (see image at right) on what makes a good story (and what doesn't), the DVD does a nice job of encouraging groups to share their own stories with one another – stories that go beyond the superficial and dig deeper beneath the surface. There are also a handful of thoughtful discussion questions with each. Our group will be implementing some of their tips as we tell our own stories to one another in the weeks and months ahead.

Learn more about the Convergence series here.

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