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The List: MusicWatch

The editor of Christian Music Today lists his favorite sites for music.

All Music Guide

Just as the movie industry has IMDb.com, so the music biz has an Internet encyclopedia of its own. Spanning nearly every genre, AMG offers bios, discographies, and even reviews searchable by artist, album, song, or classical work. The site's design doesn't allow easy cross-referencing, but AMG nonetheless offers seemingly limitless information at your fingertips.


The standard for insider news, exclusive interviews, and the hallowed charts by which industry success is gauged. It costs $300 a year for a magazine subscription or for full access to the site, but free limited access still gets you most news stories, and I, for one, can settle for the week's Top 100 albums over the full list of 200.

Entertainment Weekly

Want to know what's hot and buzz-worthy in music without having to keep up on everything? EW does a great job of reviewing only what you need to know with writing that is concise, astute, and sometimes humorous. Plus, its writers provide plenty of news tidbits, download suggestions, and the occasional interview.

Paste Magazine

For those who prefer to immerse themselves in the new, Paste is the magazine for music lovers. The magazine excels at keeping up with all manner of artists, including independent, underground, and classical. Every issue comes with a sampler CD, and the website has plenty to complement the publication. While Paste has a number of Christians among its staff and contributors, the magazine is not a "Christian magazine" as such.

CCM Magazine, CM Central, Christian Music Planet

Most of the Christian music sites and publications are now owned and operated by Salem Communications. Their acquisitions have been positioned to specialize in rock (CCM), pop (CM Central), and adult contemporary (CMP), offering a variety of articles, blogs, and boards, depending on the site

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