Theology in the News

'All Israel Will Be Saved'
God's 'first love' awaits Jesus' second advent.
Christ-Centered Cautions
How do we be good, be disciplined, and be like Jesus?
A Violent, Vicious Cycle
Who will deliver us from despair and death?
Sheffield's Biblical Studies Program Survives
Student protests save department founded by F. F. Bruce.
Transcending the Worship Wars
Bryan Chapell urges Christians to move past musical preferences toward Christ-Centered Worship.
Amiable Impasse
Charitable Catholic/evangelical dialogue snags on imputation, authority.
The Case for Christendom
A renewed sense of Christian culture could be the key to younger evangelicals' angst.
'The Word Does the Work'
David Platt discusses how he raises the bar for biblical understanding and practice.
Seminaries in Peril
Government evaluation threatens training of Swedish pastors.
Man of His Time for All Times
W. Robert Godfrey paints popular portrait of Calvin as pilgrim and pastor.
Mobile No More
How does the biblical storyline relate to America's all-time-low moving rate?
Death By Deism
No merely civil religion alone can sustain a free republic.
When Hope Feels Like a Fool's Errand
What the Cross and Resurrection teach us about forgiveness.
Contemplating Culture in a Southern Citadel
Conservatism not 'Fox News with prayer requests,' Moore warns.
Seminaries: Not Just for Pastors Anymore
Derek Cooper offers an insider's guide — and reflections on what schools need to do better.
Cult Watchers Reconsider
Former detractors of Nee and Lee now endorse 'local churches.'
My Top Ten Theology Stories of 2008
Counting down the events, debates, and books that shaped evangelical theology over the last year.
Another Guv Bites the Dust
Who shall save us from these corrupt politicians?
Ignorance as Blessing
Foreknowledge: for God and not for us.
Buy Local
What does ecclesiology have to do with the election?

Top Story February 25, 2024

Doubt Is a Ladder, Not a Home
Doubt Is a Ladder, Not a Home
Churches should welcome questions. That doesn’t require embracing perpetual doubt.

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