Theology in the News

Rome's Battle for the Bible
Synod of Bishops revisits inerrancy compromise reached at Vatican II.
Anathemas All Around
Charges of heresy underscore stakes of debate over Trinity.
Emerging Theology, Liberal Politics
Does one thing lead to the other?
God Is Love
Robert Yarbrough comments on the plainspoken Beloved Disciple.
Stephen Nichols argues that Americans have remade Jesus in their own image.
Hero Worship
The Dark Knight perpetuates America's hero confusion.
Freedom Is Not Our Goal
Solzhenitsyn's death reminds us about freedom's cost and biblical purpose.
Coordinating the Head, Heart, and Hands
New president of Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary seeks to hold together what others pull apart.
It's Not Broke, So Fix It
New EFCA statement of faith clarifies positions on controversial doctrines.
Reading the Bible with Obama
The presidential candidate crosses swords with Dr. Dobson over hermeneutics.
Surveying the Whole to See the Parts
Tom Schreiner's New Testament Theology searches for Scripture's unifying themes.
The Trinity: So What?
The Shack allegorizes a tricky but foundational doctrine.
No Place for Complacency
David Wells on The Courage to Be Protestant.
How Public Is the Gospel?
N. T. Wright's latest book renews debate over evangelism and good works.
All Systems Go
Why we shouldn't devalue systematic theology.
Channel Surfing for Common Grace
How reality TV broadcasts echoes of the gospel.
Black Power from the Pulpit
In wake of Obama's speech, author talks about The Decline of African American Theology.
Wanted: Young Men in the Church
Delayed marriage forecasts an impending crisis.
Redeeming the Memory of the Holocaust
French president's plan shows promise but carries a potential problem.
Two Testaments, One Story
Top evangelical scholars team up for landmark commentary on New Testament use of Old Testament.

Top Story February 25, 2024

Doubt Is a Ladder, Not a Home
Doubt Is a Ladder, Not a Home
Churches should welcome questions. That doesn’t require embracing perpetual doubt.

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