Theology in the News

Obama's Social Contract
Abortion and the candidate's commitment to freedom and equality.
Do Evangelicals Have a Future?
Leaders see cultural captivity choking out the gospel.
All I Want for Christmas Is a Bigger Bust
How the incarnation helps Christians think about plastic surgery.
Romney Dodges Doctrine
But questions about candidate's Mormon beliefs may continue.
Good News from a Bad World
Hopeful signs in American culture could precede theological shifts.
State of the Society
Acting president of Evangelical Theological Society talks about 'momentary crisis,' previews annual meeting.
The Crisis of Modern Fundamentalism
Defections threaten a proud movement.
Itchy Ears and Tongues of Fire
Gay-rights group employs Scripture. Also: Pentecostal success invites new challenges.
Immersed in a Baptism Brouhaha
Changes of heart renew centuries-old divisions.
What's Not Coming to a Bookstore Near You
How competition to publish celebrity Christians crowds out theology.
From the Seminaries to the Pews
The 'new perspective on Paul' gets the popular treatment.

Top Story February 22, 2024

What a Murdered Russian Dissident Can Teach Us About Moral Courage
What a Murdered Russian Dissident Can Teach Us About Moral Courage
Alexei Navalny was willing to stand alone—knowing he’d never be alone in the bigger story.

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