CT Classic

Bill and Vonette Bright's Wonderful Plan for the World
Evangelicalism's power couple closes in on their radical mission.
Pulpit King Gardner Taylor Dies at 96
The legend among preachers was known for his passion and eloquence.
My Genes Made Me Do It
Evolutionary psychology may explain why we commit adultery—but not why we don't.
1995 Christianity Today Book Awards
To Heaven and Back?
Betty Eadie died, met Jesus, and came back to tell us. So what's the problem? Plenty.
Cyber Shock
New ways of thinking must be developed for the church to keep pace in the coming information age.
Culture War Casualties
How warfare rhetoric is hurting the work of the church.
Racial Reconciliation Begins with You
Let’s break down the barriers that divide us.
And God Created Pain
A world-famous surgeon’s appreciation for the gift nobody wants.
Mark Hatfield on Beyond Containment: A New Vision for Superpower Relations
Envisioning a new day in relations between the U.S. and the Soviet Union.
Mark Hatfield Taps into the Real Power on Capitol Hill
The senior senator from Oregon shows keen discernment between the power of politics and the power wielded by the Holy Spirit.
Mid-life Crisis? Bah, Humbug!
It is easy to look at the future in a rearview mirror, but that always leads to a collision.
A Senator's Quandary: Carl F. H. Henry Reviews Mark Hatfield
'Between a Rock and a Hard Place' attempts to balance biblical respect with politics.
Mark Hatfield on the Vulnerability of Leadership
Why we cannot separate our allegiance to God from our love for our fellow man.
The Ones Who Are Left
A personal account of what happens when death takes away a loved one and of what resources are available to the Christian for dealing with the emptiness.
Elisabeth Elliot on the Christian Father
Examining the male parent’s role.
No Disappointment in Jesus?
A case for letdowns.
We Were Hoping
A lesson from the Resurrection.
Mark Hatfield's Personal Use of the Bible
The governor of Oregon explains how he regards the Scriptures.
Mark Hatfield on The Christian and the State
CT interviews Oregon's governor on the Church's responsibility toward government.

Top Story May 21, 2024

Forrest Frank Is Making the Internet’s Vibiest Christian Music
Forrest Frank Is Making the Internet’s Vibiest Christian Music
His upbeat hits and worship collaborations are capturing younger listeners on social media.

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