Church in Action

Faith Amid the Muck
Christians struggle with island's latest disaster.
Where Community Is No Cliché
Forty-three families in rural Texas blend Pentecostal fervor and Anabaptist simplicity.
Children Huddled in Crevices
Mongolia's fledgling church seeks to meet a desperate need.
Bent but Not Broken
A pummeled church helps bury the dead and bring life to those who remain.
The Church Awakens
Christians make AIDS fight a high priority.
The Fraudbuster
The faithful are being defrauded of billions. But this Ponzi-busting ex-con knows how to stop it.
Confronting Caesar
Nigerian megachurch pastor in Ukraine takes a stand for freedom.
Human Sacrifice Redux
How the church battles deadly prophets in its midst.
Praying for Terrorists
Christians seek healing in Beslan.
Outreach to Despair
Christians minister to the hopeless in Gaza.
Saving Strangers
The journey of one Somali Bantu family in the largest group resettlement of African refugees in U.S. history.
Healing Genocide
Ten years after the slaughter, Rwandans begin to mend their torn nation with a justice that is both biblical and African.
Heidi Neumark Transfigures the Bronx for some Breathing Space
After spending 20 years as pastor of a church in the Bronx, Heidi Neumark realized that sometimes people just need some room to breathe.
Lessons from a Hostage Pastor in Colombia
A young minister works to prevent guerrilla kidnappings.
New Life in a Culture of Death
Hope for Colombia dwells inside its most lethal killing field - Bellavista Prison.
Mr. Jabez Goes to Africa
Bruce Wilkinson expands his borders to include racial reconciliation and HIV/AIDS
September 11: Church Binds 9/11 Wounds with Quick Cash
A New York mission offers aid to those who need it without all the red tape
"Where I Minister, Grace Abounds Over Sin"
"At Ground Zero, a New York pastor strives to be a symbol that God is present and available."
Christians Provide Comfort in the Shadow of Calamity
"Still stunned and reeling, New Yorkers seek support at prayer service"
Churches Meet Needs at Ground Zero
"Brooklyn pastors and parishioners thank God for survival, but help victims and families cope."

Top Story September 25, 2023

The Cost of Creativity: Bonhoeffer Set Aside Ethics For Art. Did He Choose Well?
The Cost of Creativity: Bonhoeffer Set Aside Ethics For Art. Did He Choose Well?
The theologian set aside his nearly finished magnum opus while in prison, investing instead in creative writing.

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