Church in Action

The Legacy of Prisoner 23226
Twenty-six years after leaving prison, Charles Colson has become one of America's most significant social reformers
Seeker Sensitive on Russia's Frozen Frontier
Russian Baptists blend Orthodox culture with evangelical outreach.
They Could Go Home Again
In Lebanon, uprooted Christians are resettling their villages and forgiving their neighbors.
Building Houses, Building Bridges
The creative ministry of Casas por Cristo is bringing togetherAnglo, Latino pastors.
Sharing Living Water
An innovative desert ministry breaks down walls between Arab and Jewish believers.
Straw Houses on a Firm Foundation
Habitat for Humanity goes low-tech with big results.
Getting Teens Hungry for the Gospel
Hundreds of Seattle-area youth are trashing sin and winning their peers.
Missions' Wild Olive Branch
For 50 years, the unconventional Spiros Zodhiates has built amg into a worldwide evangelistic, relief, and publishing venture.
Pastor X
Pastor X: In sneakers and jeans, Southern Baptist Chris Seay is getting his generation to go to church—at least we think it's a church.
From Pogrom to Peacemaking
Austrian Christians help an ancient town heal its anti-Semitic past.
STEP-ing Out on Faith--and Off Welfare
How a city ministry rescues the perishing from poverty and drugs.
Flash Cards from Heaven
School Moms, Prayer Warriors
Ambassadors to the Gypsies
One church's vision to reach Bulgaria's poorest.
First Church of AIDS
AIDS has made a family of this church.

Top Story September 25, 2023

The Cost of Creativity: Bonhoeffer Set Aside Ethics For Art. Did He Choose Well?
The Cost of Creativity: Bonhoeffer Set Aside Ethics For Art. Did He Choose Well?
The theologian set aside his nearly finished magnum opus while in prison, investing instead in creative writing.

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