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The Regulation Suffocating Christian Ministries in India
Designed to monitor foreign funding, more recently FCRA has crippled numerous organizations. Is it intentional?
Easter Pilgrimage Bus Crash Shocks Botswana’s Christian Community
Leaders extend prayers and lament road safety after 45 were killed on the way to Zion Christian Church in South Africa.
‘Christ Is King’ Is Not the Slogan Some White Nationalists Want It to Be
Jesus’ lordship is not good news for those who want to use him to become kings themselves.
A Theologian’s Vision of ‘Peasant’ Politics Is Surprisingly Lordly in Scope
Ephraim Radner’s “narrow” concern for protecting the mundane goods of earthly life isn’t so narrow after all.
The Steep Price of Pilate’s Fame
Billions know the Roman governor’s name. But he didn’t know the very son of God standing before him.
After Terrorists Kill 130, Russian Evangelicals Resist Revenge
As Moscow and Kyiv trade insinuations over concert hall killing claimed by ISIS affiliate, Christian leaders focus on compassion and forgiveness instead of blame.
Anti-Christian Attacks Surge as Hindu Nationalism Grows
Battling accusations of forced conversions, the church faces escalating threats, false arrests, and assaults on their institutions, reports the Evangelical Fellowship of India.
Why Character Doesn’t Matter Anymore
The “cheerful prudery” of Ned Flanders has given way to vulgarity, misogyny, and partisanship. What does this mean for our witness?
Must Social Service Providers Nix Their Faith to Receive Federal Funds?
Rather than follow the equal protections secured in Supreme Court decisions, the Biden administration opted for a complicated and soul-killing alternative.
As Freedoms Shrink in Hong Kong, One Christian Media Editor Explains Why He Stays
Christian journalism has become even more important after the government passed a tough new national security law.
Who Restricts Religion More, Politicians or the People? Pew Crunched the Global Data.
Annual report grades 198 nations and territories, with 9 in 10 harassing believing communities. China and Nigeria score the worst.
Fractured Are the Peacemakers
A Christian reconciliation group in Israel and Palestine warned that war would come. Now the war threatens their relevance.
White Evangelicals Want Christian Influence, Not a ‘Christian Nation’
A new study finds white evangelicals are most eager to see their faith reflected more in the government, but very few say they support Christian nationalism.
The Body of Christ Cannot Be Mummified
An oft-forgotten mummy in Scripture teaches us how idolatry deadens, but Jesus awakens.
American Bible Society Will Close Its $60 Million Museum
The Bible museum on Independence Mall in Philadelphia was open less than three years and had attracted fewer visitors than projected.
Bad News May Be a Burning Bush
I understand frustration with media negativity. But bad news may be God’s invitation to work alongside him.
Tradwife Content Offers Fundamentalism Fit for Instagram
The latest influencer movement wants to “bring back” a narrow vision of biblical womanhood with pretty pictures, long dresses, and homemade bread.
How (Not) to Talk About ‘Christian Nationalism’
The phrase is increasingly useless—unfairly applied to ordinary Christians yet too weak to sufficiently condemn “another gospel” in our midst.
UK Christians Asked to Give Up Their Banks for Lent
Climate activists say finance is a justice issue and moving accounts can have a significant impact.
New Zealand Christian Bookshop Closures a Sign of the Times
Nearly half of Manna Christian bookstores are shutting down, leaving some without a Christian bookstore in their town and highlighting concerns of misinformation.

Top Story April 23, 2024

Passover’s Promises for My Children
Passover’s Promises for My Children
When I married into a Jewish family, antisemitism hit home. Now, the holy day reminds me of our future hope.

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