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Christianity Today’s 2024 Book Awards
Our picks for the books most likely to shape evangelical life, thought, and culture.
My Top 5 Books on Confucianism
These books can help Christians gain a better understanding of Confucianism and do better in our evangelism.
Long a Tribal Lifeline, Borneo Mission Hospital Now Needs Its Own
As foreign doctors left, funding dropped, and local healthcare improved, Bethesda weighs its future.
Should Gaza’s Christians Flee South, Evacuate East, or Stay in Church Shelters?
Sick, hungry, and weary, Palestinian Christians are urged by IDF to leave the northern strip, while outside advocates debate a West Bank escape. Temporary cease-fire offers window of opportunity to decide.
Canadian Evangelical Scholar Fired Following University Investigation
A Christian college terminated John G. Stackhouse after an independent report alleged a pattern of inappropriate remarks to students. The professor challenges the findings.
Africa’s Wall Street Quiets Christian Worship
In the commercial capital of Malawi, Pentecostal pastors and churches face fines or removal for making a joyful noise.
The Christian Liberal Arts Tradition Can Appeal to Christians and Non-Christians Alike
Its main rivals seek truth without transcendence, or justice without redemption. And both flatten the meaning of human existence.
Flight to Egypt: How Pastor’s Wife in Gaza Church Got Out
Harrowing journey with children and grandparents reunites family with husband, as Palestinian Christians sheltering at Orthodox and Catholic churches grow increasingly desperate.
Christmas Celebrations Canceled in Bethlehem, Jerusalem, and Jordan
Gutted by Gaza, Holy Land Christians exchange holiday cheer for a hallowed Christmas Eve in solidarity with suffering neighbors.
Nikki Haley Courts Iowa Evangelicals Amid Poll Surge
Though Trump remains the frontrunner, poll-watchers say the South Carolina Methodist is having her moment.
My Unlikely, Cross-Cultural Friendsgiving
A tea date with a Middle Eastern stranger led to friendship with women from nearly 20 countries—and changed my perspective on the world.
God’s Promises Are Clearest When We Turn Out the Lights
Christians have every reason to reduce light pollution.
Frozen Embryos Are the New Orphan Crisis
More than a million unused IVF embryos are in cryostorage. Are they the next pro-life frontier?
Mary Was More Than a Mother
Treating her as a static figure obscures a lifetime of gospel witness.
Wedding Fire Devastates Christian Community in Iraq
And other brief news stories from Christians around the world.
American Christians and the Anti-American Temptation
Christians can love America—with all of its flaws and failures—precisely because we don’t expect it to be the kingdom of God.
Displaced from Israel Border, Lebanese Christians Wrestle with Whom to Blame
As limited clashes with Hezbollah threaten to expand Israel’s war against Hamas, local Presbyterians and Baptists suffer a battle not of their making.
Skeptical of Politicians and Parties, Gen Z Isn’t Pumped for the 2024 Race
But on Christian campuses, first-time voters are still trying to find their own ways to engage the issues.
Christians Can’t Fix the Israel-Hamas War
Jesus could end this crisis. His followers almost certainly can’t.
Chinese House Churches Find Hope for Gospel Growth Amid Post-Pandemic Turmoil
As China deals with economic woes, religious restrictions, and mass exodus, ministries see an opportunity.

Top Story December 11, 2023

How 1 in 4 Countries Restrict Religious Conversion
How 1 in 4 Countries Restrict Religious Conversion
New report by international religious freedom advocates compiles the text of 73 laws in 46 nations.

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